Sunday, November 28, 2021

Beach Clean-Up News

Photos by Maria Lamb | Marco Island Watersports was the March 27 business sponsor for the Beach Clean-up. Thanks to all members of their staff for a great effort.


Marco’s Beach and Coastal Resources Advisory Committee, along with co-sponsors Marco Island Watersports, met at South Beach for a much-needed beach clean-up last Saturday. 

Last week on Sand Dollar Island, pieces of this sailboat washed ashore.

From South Beach to the JW Marriott, volunteers fanned out picking up the trash left behind from a very busy Spring Break. Thanks to Marco Island Academy students and to members of Marriott Crystal Shores, led by their new General Manager John S. Louie. Also, a big thank you to Public Works staff Jessie Hayes and to Growth Management Planners, Mary Holden, and Tonia Selmeski for showing their support and meeting members of the beach community. A total of 60 volunteers picked up 110 pounds of trash in two hours. It was a great day for cleaning the beach!

Marco Island Watersports is a dedicated stakeholder on Marco’s beach. According to Brandon Bahr, they have been providing sports adventures to the area since 1981. They offer 10,000 Island guided Wave Runner tours and rentals, Catamaran Eco-tours, Wave Runner rentals and other water sports to public access beach visitors as well as guests at Marco’s three major hotels: JW Marriott, Hilton Marco and Marriott’s Crystal Shores. They see a lot of foot traffic on the beach and this week, they assisted in filling up several big holes left behind by beachgoers.

New to the beach clean-up this year is General Manager John S. Louie of Marriott’s Crystal Shores, a vacation ownership rental. He brought his team to meet the community. According to Louie, they are eager to get more involved with the beach.



Several big holes were observed and filled in by the clean-up sponsors and volunteers.

Fun stuff – Janie Curtis of the Madeira Condo is a daily fixture on Marco’s beach; she walks the beach every day wearing an authentic Kentucky Derby hat. Seen here with her pre-Easter red hat, she strikes an eye-catching figure, with a lot of visitors stopping to ask her about her hat choice for that day. For the local residents, they are used to her collection of magnificent Kentucky Derby hats. Janie has lived on Marco for the past 20 years.

Paying Respects to Officer Clayton Smith – It was a bittersweet morning as Josh Ferris happened to be at the beach and couldn’t help paying his respects to a good friend and colleague, Officer Clayton Smith. On July 5, 2020, the community and close friends came together at South Beach to dedicate a memorial bench in Clayton’s honor. On March 28, Clayton would have been 60 years old; he was born March 28, 1961. Officer Clayton Smith loved the beach and was dedicated to keeping it pristine and safe. He was fatally injured on February 5, 2020 and we miss him a lot.

Sand Dollar Island Sailboat – Beach goers are concerned with the sailboat still beached at the tip of Sand Dollar Island. They noticed it sinking deeper into the sand. Earlier during the week, the winds were very strong, and they noticed pieces from the sailboat being washed ashore. Some of the pieces were quite big and they are wondering why the sailboat has not been removed. 

Please Save the Date: May 8, 2021 at 8 AM. Meet at South Beach. Sponsored by Marco Island Area Association of Realtors.


Janie Curtis is well-known for her hat collection among regular beachgoers.


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