Wednesday, December 8, 2021


In a stunning turn of events on Wednesday morning City Manager Michael McNees announced that under the emergency powers granted to him in the city council’s Declaration of Emergency and the powers granted to him, after consultation with Erik Brechnitz, Chairman of the City Council he has chosen to leave the public beach access points closed, reversing the decision by council less than 2 days ago to open them.

In that short period hundreds of residents expressed their disfavor with council’s decision to reopen those access points due to public health concerns through emails to council and across social media.  

McNees would announce that decision  by a press release saying he had consulted with Brechnitz, this after Brechnitz had appeared less than 24 hours ago on media defending that vote, which he and Vice Chairman Grifoni, Councilor Rios and Reed had voted in favor of the resolution opening  them. Councilors Honig, Roman and Young had opposed the reopening of those access points.

The closures will remain in effect until at least April 30, which coincides with the governor’s decree requiring residents restrict travel to all but essential trips to help contain the spread of the contagion.  

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