Thursday, December 2, 2021

Be Part of the Future

Join the Center for the Arts Space/Time Capsule Launch!

Photos by Maria Lamb | Artist Judy Chinski used her time during the pandemic to experiment and create.


Photo from the Center for the Arts | Jim and Allyson Richards are the visionaries behind the Friendship 7 Space/Time Capsule to be opened in 2070. Don’t forget to submit your own personal memoirs to be placed in the time capsule.

In February 2020, Marco Island Center for the Arts unveiled its one-of-a-kind Space/Time Capsule. It is in the form of a replica of the Friendship 7 space capsule and the Center for the Arts is inviting members of the public to submit items to be placed in the time capsule to be opened 50 years from now in 2070.  

The space capsule designed to closely resemble the actual spacecraft Friendship 7which splashed down the ocean on February 20, 1962, after John Glenn Jr. became the first American to successfully orbit the Earth.  

The brainchild and visionary of the Space/Time Capsule is Jim Richards and his wife Allyson. The six-foot stainless steel space capsule was created in a suburb of Philadelphia by Bosio Metal Specialists, Inc. with custom paint artwork by Tricked Out Custom Cycles and Wile-E-Designs.  

The time capsule will bring together a collection of stories, images, memories and memorabilia that reflects the past, the present and the future of the Center for the Arts, Marco Island and the World. 

Size restrictions of the capsule limits the number of physical memorabilia that can be placed inside. Every item that is submitted will either go in the capsule or a digital image of the item will be enclosed.  

Think big! Larger items will need to take the form of a photo or a digital image. What message would you like to send 50 years into the future? How do we want to be remembered? Also, think smallitems must be able to easily fit into the time capsule. The first step is to decide on whether you want to submit as an individual, as a familyas an organization, a business, or school.


How Can We Capture Life In 2020 & Pack It In A Time Capsule? 

All of us would prefer that 2020 becomes a distant memory. Perhaps the time capsule is one big message that a “society that forgets its past is doomed to repeat it; but a society that forgets its humanity has no future at all.” There are so many items and memories that we want to rememberthe sacrifices, the relationships, the sense of community and humanity.  

How can we capture all the human experiences in such small snapshots for our greatgrandchildren 50 years from now? What might we want future generations to know about 2020? What important lessons do we want to pass on?  

As we gather the objects for the time capsulehere are some noteworthy items symbolizing 2020 and feel free to add from your own list: 

  • Face Maskthe most dominant item in 2020. Hopefully face masks will be a thing of the past. 
  • Photo of hand sanitizers and gloves. 
  • A photo book of newspaper clippings on how people came together and coped with COVID-19. 
  • Photo of toilet paper rolls and empty supermarket shelves. 
  • A screenshot of Zoom or TikTok memes. 
  • photo of your Negative COVID-19 test resultswhich is a positive thing in 2020! 
  • photo of your Positive COVID-19 test resultswhich is a negative thing in 2020! 
  • Photos of takeout menus from your favorite local restaurants. 
  • personal diary of 2020. 
  • Photos of your old or new bicycleRiding the bike to ward of the sense of isolation was a favorite pastime. Bikes completely sold out, so many rolled out their old rusty cycles. 
  • photo of a chessboard or other board gamesdusted off from storage which created mental challenge and a sense of family unity. 
  • A favorite artistic creation from 2020. 

HOW TO SUBMITVisit and download the submission form at or pick up a copy from the Center for the Arts. 

The Friendship 7 space capsule replica is located in the lobby of the Center for the Arts for easy viewing. It is located at 1010 Winterberry Drive and will be open to the public Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM. 


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