Monday, October 25, 2021

Bayshore Brings Art and Community Together

Artist Bethany Coker showcasing her miniature paintings on the ring of fallen tree branches.

The Bayshore District doesn’t stop short of bringing art and community together. Hosting two events in one weekend made the entire district an exciting and creative place to be. 

On Saturday, Green Door Nursery and A. Jaron Fine Jewelry hosted Art Among the Blossoms, an art and craft fair. The bi-annual event included 50 local artists and jewelers selling and showcasing their art and merchandise. The event was block party style with food and drinks served by local food trucks and vendors.

After casually strolling through the beautiful greenery in the nursery with artists scattered throughout, we made our way over to A. Jaron Fine Jewelry where we found Nalin Isme surrounded by numerous talented artists. 

At 11 years old, Nalin Isme is a 6th grader in Estero. Not only was Nalin showcasing his art, but he was also showcasing his most recent success, his published book, “ALPHATALES Animal Tales Letters A-D.” The book has four stories about animals going through common life challenges. Alvin the alligator finds that his brothers helps him feel not alone, Barry the bear learns how to be brave to save others, the heavy cow learned how to become the healthy cow, and the dogs enjoy a day at the beach. Each story in the book also includes a painting of the main character painted by Nalin himself. The book was released on September 4th, 2019 and can be purchased from the publisher Liferich, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. His book can also be found in the Lee County Library Systems.

On Sunday, Epoxy Waves and Artistic Science presented the Naples Art Walk at Celebration Park. The event included live music, food trucks, live art, giveaways and raffles spread throughout Celebration Park and Three60 Market. Refreshingly, the venue was packed with young people socializing with friends, family and artists.

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