Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Baggage, Marco Players

Karen Anglin and Kevin Moriarity in rehearsal.

Karen Anglin and Kevin Moriarity in rehearsal.

by Jeane Brennan

Patti Ziesig, director of the play, Baggage, the final performance for the 2011 season, said, “that this is an experience of community theater at its best.” Ziesig, a participant of Marco Players since the early 1990’s, has seen the theater group grow from performing at O’Shea’s (where Pier 81 is now) to the current theater that is professional in all manner, now located at Marco Town Center.

With focus and passion, those involved with Marco Players throughout the last 35 years, found a home at Marco Town Center several years ago. That home has morphed with hard work and focused dedication from the audience sitting in fold up chairs to theatergoers comfortable in an intimate theater setting.

“Baggage”, directed by Ziesig, is composed of 4 actors, about whom Ziesig commented. “They are, perhaps, one of the best cast that I have worked with…dedicated and willing to try

Peter Galluzzo expressing views on romance.

Peter Galluzzo expressing views on romance.

new ideas.” She said that she couldn’t say enough good about both the crew and actors since the group in total have a love of the theater that knows no bounds. In the director’s eyes, Ziesig commented “the crew was as much part of the play as the actors.”

Baggage is the last play of the season and then, “we go dark”, says Ziesig. During the summer, though, Marco Players gives back by offering the theater space to the community. The Soap Fest in the spring is remarkable says Ziesig as is the Children’s Summer Theater Camp.  The next Lunch Box series is April 2nd starring Janina Birtolo, portraying Mary Todd Lincoln.

The play, Baggage, written by Sam Bobrick, opens March 16 ‘running’ through April 3rd. Starring in Baggage are Karen Anglin, Shari Brousseau, Kevin Moriarty, and Peter  Galluzzo. Tickets can be purchased online at www.marcoplayers.com or call the ticket office at 642-7270.

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