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Bad Luck Bananas − An Anglers Superstition

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If you are an avid angler, then you have probably already heard mention of the bad luck that comes with taking bananas onto a fishing boat. Other superstitions anglers sometimes believe whistling on a boat causes bad luck, and you can only enter a boat from a certain side, or your fishing day will be ruined.

The following are a few reasons many anglers may follow the rule of NO bananas on board the boat.

Spiders on Board

If you live in Florida, then you already know that banana trees are often a hot spot for spiders, and you can find them nearly all year long. So, imagine those boats that used to haul bananas. They could have been filled with these small hitchhikers, and the anglers may have been bitten.

Sinking Ship

If you go back as far as the 1700s and 1800s, there was no Coast Guard, and there were definitely no radios, cell phones, or other means of communication that you could use in case the boat was in distress. So, if a ship was sinking, no one would really know unless there was a ship passing by at that exact moment.

What rises to the surface of the water as the boat sinks further under? That’s right. Bananas. So, if a ship were to come to a part of the water where there were floating bananas, it is easy to assume that bananas are definitely bad luck.

Banana Boats

Boats that would haul bananas to their destination would go full speed ahead. They needed to get the bananas where they needed to go before they began to rot. So, these boats never had the chance to stop and fish like the other boats.

Because of this, a rumor was started that said if you had bananas on your boat, it was bad luck since they seemed to be the only boats in the ocean who weren’t catching any fish.

It’s not that the bananas were bad luck, though. They just didn’t have the time to slow down and take a break to catch the fish because they needed to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

Myth or Fact?

If you are an angler, you might abide by the no banana rule just because you don’t want to jinx yourself. Yet others will blame the poor banana for a bad fishing trip and thus giving the delicious fruit a bad rep. Where do you fall on the banana on board debate?

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Captain Brandon has been fishing the 10,000 Islands and Everglades National Park as a full time guide for the last 11 years. He grew up fishing these waters and has never left them. He has since been joined by his two sons, who now guide with him. He and his wife opened Everglades Bait and Tackle back in 2012 so his whole family has fishing in their blood.

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