Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Bad In-Laws Make a Great Read

It’s a cliché that many of us live with; the in-laws from hell. Think yours are the worst? Take a look at Buddy Sunshine’s and you might not think yours are so bad after all. Sunshine’s newest book, “It’s Family Stupid; The In-Laws’ Out-Law” takes the reader through the author’s decades of in-law troubles.

The book tells the true story of the romance between Tina and Bud (not their real names), which blossomed in the 1970’s. Initially, Bud’s in-laws, Archie and Edith, were polite and the interactions pleasant. However, things quickly changed. As Bud recalled, “…I would soon realize when one marries, you wed the entire family, and that first few impressions can be deceiving.”  Some of the clever chapter titles include, “A Cold-Shoulder Bridal Shower,” “First Christmas With the Grinches,” “Beauty is Not in the Eye of the Begrudger,” and “The Guilt Trip.”

Sunshine is an award-winning author, who wrote this, his latest book, using a pen name to protect the privacy of all the parties involved in this real-life drama. This is a good read not just for married folks, but for those who may be thinking about marriage at some time in their future.

“It’s Family Stupid; The In-Laws’ Out-Law” is offered in three versions, including E-Book format, and is available on Amazon or can be ordered from any bookstore.

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