Saturday, November 27, 2021

Backlog Affects Marco Road Costs

During the April 6 meeting of the Marco City Council, a long-awaited project that will involve the reconstruction of Yellowbird Street took another step forward. The City Council approved a contract with a local engineering firm to provide limited oversight of the utility engineering work.

The City Council voted to approve the proposal for the professional construction engineering and limited inspection services (CEI) portion of the utility section of the project. That contract awarded the Hole Montes engineering firm from Naples in the amount of $116,735. 

The reconstruction of the roadway and the utility upgrades will be undertaken by Wright Construction Group, which has a local office in Ft. Myers, Florida. They are a specialist in roadway construction with offices throughout the Southeast United States, specializing in asphalt and concrete construction. The company has been in business since 1992.

The project was initially to be only upgrades to the roadway, but after a review of the potential impact on the utility lines, it was decided to increase the scope of that project, therefore increasing the cost and the engineering services necessary. 

The bids for that work ranged from a low of $4,071,695 to a high of $4,513,748. However, the bids to complete the work came in substantially higher than the Engineers Opinion of Costs, which was estimated at $3,503,529 over one year ago. The cost of materials and backlog of work in Southwest Florida were also factors that impacted costing.

Old Marco Work Also Affected

Recently, another roadway project was bid out and based upon estimates from over the last 5 years that the city has discussed this undertaking. This project on Bald Eagle Drive would have provided improved parking and drainage in the Old Marco area. That would have also entailed reconstruction of this portion of the busy roadway. Those bids came in at almost twice the budget proposed for this project. Those improvements would run northerly from Pier 81 to the intersection of Bald Eagle Drive and Palm Street. 

The original project estimate came in at $400,000 for the proposed work. When the bids were received, the prices came in at $738,617 and $999,966 respectfully for the work to be done. This would throw those plans into a tailspin. Hagan engineering explained in a memo to the city that the heavy backlog of work with roadway contractors may have contributed to higher than expected costs.

No decisions have been made as to what will be done on that project, as those substantial overruns were never budgeted for. The improvements were a priority of the Ad-Hoc Parking Solutions Advisory Committee, which were supported by the council.

The City Council will meet again on Monday, April 20th, starting at 5:30 PM in the council chambers which are located in the Marco Island Police Building, located next to city hall and the fire department at 51 Bald Eagle Drive.

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