Monday, January 17, 2022


By Coastal Breeze News Staff

About 6,000 bingo players come through the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island each year all hoping to hear, “It’s a good bingo!” The crew at JCMI is about to close out its 13th season. The game is no small effort needing about 25 volunteers to make sure it runs smoothly during season. “Most of these bingo workers have been with us since the beginning,” said Sue Baum, the bingo director. “They’re an asset! Players are comfortable because they’re familiar with each of the bingo workers. The volunteers don’t miss a beat, they know their assignments and go right to work! We have been fortunate to have good volunteers like Colonel Ivan Slavich, a bingo caller who has been with us since the beginning. He has the expertise, a clear voice and perfect diction. It might be his military experience that makes him a natural. Miriam Slavich keeps inventory, she provides a count and makes sure everything balances. Sidney Weinhus, also a volunteer, has players flocking to him for the sale of ‘bonanzas.’ The players know he is the go to person. These are just a few of the people who make it work so well. We’re coming to the close of another successful season and are looking forward to next season.”

There are several weeks left of play and odds are getting better. Just like the mega-millions lotto, when a winner isn’t found at JCMI for a HotBall game, the ‘pot’ rolls over. To increase a player’s opportunity to win the Hotball pots, extra numbers have been put up.

If you’re playing on April 9th, please note that in observance of Passover, a special meal will be served. “Nothing can be served with flour, so we will serve salad, tuna, fruit and ice cream. It’s a special supper just for Passover,” noted Sue.

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