Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Azimuth Technology Opens in Collier County

The founder of one of the first manufacturing companies in Collier County is at it again, creating opportunities for Collier County and its citizen’s. Entrepreneurs Len Zaiser Jr., and Len Zaiser IV, announced today the opening of a new defense manufacturing company in Collier County: Azimuth Technology.

Located in the Westport Commerce Center at 10130 Market Street, Azimuth Technology will use complex technologies in the production of defense products, which will be used throughout the United States. Customers will include the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and the private sportsman.

“We are very excited to move into the beautiful new space.  I am very proud of being a Collier County citizen and look forward to working with Collier County more in the future” said Zaiser.  “We envision the new facility becoming a showplace and an example of the type of high tech manufacturing possible in Collier County”

Currently, Azimuth has 10 employees and is on track to have 30 employees by the end of summer, at significantly above Collier County’s average wage.

Defense manufacturing is nothing new to the senior Zaiser. In 1975 Zaiser purchased a facility for his first venture, Engineering Research, Inc. which was sold to Bendix Aerospace.  Immediately after selling his first successful business enterprise he continued by launching several others in Collier County, including, Defense Research Inc., Southern Research Inc., Inovo Inc., Structure Medical, and his most recent undertaking, Azimuth Technology.  His contributions to the local economy include producing thousands of jobs for Collier County citizens and adding millions of dollars, over the years, of capital investment to the community.

Azimuth Technology worked closely with the County’s office of Business & Economic Development, and building plan review and inspection staff, to facilitate the timely and efficient opening of the new manufacturing facility

“The Collier County Growth Management Division supports Azimuth Technology, as well as all other businesses who chose to expand or relocate to Collier County. We are excited for this new business in our community and are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated team of professionals who make it their mission to assist our clients” said Jamie French, Director of Operations and Regulatory Management.

For additional information on starting, expanding, or relocating a business in Collier County please contact Collier County’s Office of Business & Economic Development at 239-252-8990, or visit our website


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