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Ayasun Speaks to Republican Club

Tarik Ayasun

Tarik Ayasun

By Don Manley

Coastal Breeze News columnist, Tarik Ayasun spoke at the recent meeting of the Caxambas Republican Club of Southwest Florida. Unfortunately, the topic of the presentation could not have been timelier.

His appearance at the organization’s meeting and Christmas party occurred December 2, just a few hours after Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik shot 14 people to death and wounded another 21 at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Calif. Authorities are investigating the mass shooting as an incidence of terrorism.

Before beginning his speech, Ayasun urged his audience to not “get too comfortable where you are” and to be ever vigilant given the myriad dangers present in today’s highly volatile world. Similar sentiments were expressed by the event’s initial speaker, Bob Rommel, president of the Caxambas Republican Club and candidate for the Florida House of Representatives.

Ayasun is an award-winning columnist for this newspaper, he is also the winner of the 2012 Marco Island Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement award for his contributions to the community. His company, Taray International, won the exporter of the year award in Collier County in 2011. Due to space constraints, only excerpts from Ayasun’s speech to the Caxambas Republican Club are below. If you would like to read the speech in its entirety, you can find it at

Members of the Caxambas Republican Club, friends and fellow Marco Islanders.

First of all, since this is a Christmas party, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

Not “Happy Holidays” but “Merry Christmas.” The reason I do that is because this holiday has a name and a reason behind it.

It is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

And as a Muslim, it neither offends nor upsets me to say that.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

Unfortunately, what I have to talk about this evening is neither merry nor happy.

I hate political correctness. It gives me stomach aches and nightmares. It is and will be the downfall of our great nation if we continue to succumb to this delusional ideology.

Those of you who follow my opinion column in the Coastal Breeze News know my ideas and possible solutions about problems facing all of us today.

In my newspaper column, I try very hard not to be political. I care for America and I want to make sure every solution favors the greatness of our country.

But it is different this evening. This is the Caxambas Republican Club and in this occasion I am going to be somehow political.

I can no longer tolerate naïve solution suggestions to very complex problems. These naïve solution suggestions are actually harming our country…

An example of such a solution was suggested by a fellow Marco Islander who I believe happens to be a liberal democrat. In a recent “letter to the editor” piece he wrote to the “other” newspaper on the Island he indicated that he is a founding member of a group called “world citizens for global peace” and complained that although he tried, “he was unable to reach the masses of the world’s citizens.”

Therefore, he suggested that the government establish an agency, or better yet, “a secretary of peace who will diminish defense funds, feed the poor properly, have proper education and medical care for all and insure that our infrastructure is safe.”

Ladies and gentlemen; you can’t make this up!

Our infrastructure may be safe without our defenses but we will all be beheaded in the process. And as headless people we will not be needing an infrastructure.

“A Secretary of Peace?” More government! More rules! More regulations! That always seems to be the liberal’s solution to everything.

I can no longer stomach all this.

46 years ago I decided to leave Turkey and go to the USA for my college education.


As the tradition dictated, I visited my grandfather to say goodbye and get his blessings. He listened to my plans in his quiet way and told me “America is not just a country; it is a philosophy. You will not be an American just because you obtained a new passport. You will be a true American only when you understand the philosophy of being an American. America is a great nation. Americans are great people, loving and giving. They have achieved so much in such a short time. No one will ever be able to beat America from the outside. America can and will only be beaten from within by corrupt politicians, gutless leaders and wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

This from a simple man who never went outside of the borders of Turkey; yet he was smart enough to send his son (my dad) to America to study engineering at Purdue University back in the 1940’s.

Boy was he ever right!

As we sit here tonight in this peaceful setting, our beautiful Marco Island, our home, our country and the whole of humanity is in grave danger.

And I am not talking about ISIS or the Islamic State yet.

Dear friends, the greatest danger to humanity today is not climate change either.

The greatest danger to humanity today is a clueless and delusional President and Commander in Chief of the greatest country in the history of the world and his political correctness agenda.

I do not utter these words lightly nor do I use them in jest.

Most of you in this room who know me well know that I say what I mean and I mean what I say!

While our country is now facing the most serious threat to her very existence; while our freedoms are slowly eroding and our beliefs are under constant attack; while our enemies are planning new and more savage attacks to kill and behead us; the leader of our country, our Commander in Chief is in Paris, the scene of the latest savage attack on humanity by radical Islamic terrorists, not talking about solutions but blaming it all on climate change and actions of America!

He and the minions he surrounds himself with are afraid to call the enemy “Radical Islamic terrorists”; twisting and turning, sweating and squirming while trying to find adjectives not containing the word Islamic while describing the enemy.

Did you stop and ask yourselves why?

I must emphasize that today we are at war against the Radical Islamic terrorists whether they are called ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State or Boko Haram!

We are not in war with Islam. We never said that and we never will. It is just another ruse by the left in our country to change the subject.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Let us stop fooling ourselves any longer. President Obama either does not understand the danger we are facing today or he does not care. Either way, he is putting the entire nation in grave danger. He continues to refuse identifying the enemy by name, he skirts around the issue, preferring to call the savages as “deranged people who are giving a peaceful religion a bad name.” Just another meaningless cliché.

Mr. President, you could not be any more misinformed about the existing situation or who the enemy is or what their goals are.

Mr. President, they are Radical Islamic terrorists and modern day savages who just this morning beheaded a Russian citizen they captured earlier and broadcast the beheading for the world to see. They are motivated by their interpretation or misinterpretation of a religion.

Unless the president identifies the enemy correctly and confronts them head on for who they are, we will continue to be in grave danger and in effect may even face the possibility that we may lose this war. Yes, there is indeed a possibility we may lose this war!

Make no mistake about it; the enemy is called Radical Islam.

Let me make it very clear.

Not all Muslims are terrorists but so far all terrorists attacking the Western civilization have been Muslims.

We have been told by the Administration’s highly paid puppets to relax, it is only about 20 percent of all Muslims who are radicalized.

Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot relax because I know my math. 20 percent of 1 billion is 200 million. That is a lot of radicalized Muslims for me not to worry about.

Before we get into discussing the subject of radical Islamic terrorism and how it can be defeated; let me briefly remind everyone who our President and Commander in Chief is and why I don’t think he will do anything substantial in the next 12 months to fight radical Islamic terrorism.

No, I am not going to try to prove to you that he is a Muslim. Instead I will use Hillary Clinton’s own unfortunate words after she let the savages invade our consulate in Tripoli and kill four brave men whom she left unprotected; I will just say “what difference does it make now if he is Muslim or not?”

This President sat in his church in Chicago for 20 plus years, listening to his pastor reverend wright preaching hatred for America but did not hear or remember a word of it.

This President promised us better race relations in America under his leadership, yet brought us to the worst point in race relations in the modern history of our nation. He jumped through hoops to get personally involved in every police shooting of a black person; yet he was totally absent and absolutely quiet after Kate Steinle was shot in broad daylight by an illegal alien who was deported numerous times but managed to get back into the sanctuary city of San Francisco and died in the arms of her dad. As a dad myself, I can hardly imagine the pain suffered by Kate’s father.

This President drew a red line in Syria and told the world “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is when we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.  That would change my calculus.  That would change my equation.” And did absolutely nothing about it when the Assad regime used chemical weapons to kill more Syrians in a matter of days.

This president took every opportunity to try and violate the second amendment and unilaterally disarm our citizenry, even before the victims of terrorist attacks were laid to rest.

I have hundreds of other examples. Time will not permit me to go over them all.


However, you can bet your last dollar that this president will not do anything to go after ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State or destroy the savages because he does not think they are the problem; he believes deep in his heart that it is America that is the problem…

He will continue to talk a good talk using two teleprompters and feel-good speeches written for him by radicals but will never walk the walk.

This President secretly worked behind the scenes with his inept Secretary of State to get an agreement with the mullahs in Iran; in the process offered them 150 billion dollars and in effect allowed them to build a nuclear weapon which they are prepared to use to “erase from the face of the world” our only real ally in the Middle East, Israel first and the rest of the western civilization next.

And what did we get for it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

This president watched Vladimir Putin invade Crimea, attack Ukraine and build a military air base in Syria; and said or done absolutely nothing to stop him.

And now he wants to bring into our country a minimum of 10,000 so called refugees from Syria and Iraq without proper vetting and background checks… And in typical liberal fashion, he wants us to feel terrible about ourselves because we are saying “no” to his plan and in the process accuse us of keeping women and children from getting into our country and taking advantage of all the government giveaways.

How many more times are we going to be fooled by this tactic?

You must have seen the photos and videos of the refugees many of whom are young men between the ages of 17 and 40. These are fighting age young men who should have stayed back home and fight for the freedoms they so desire. And they could also be the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” my grandfather warned me about so many years ago.

President Obama today asked the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan “seal your southern border” when he refuses to do the same right here in his own country.

Ladies and gentlemen.

There is something very wrong going on here. I can see right through it. I am sure you do too!

Let’s talk about ISIS.

Despite what the president says about them, ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State/Al Qaida/Boko Haram and others like them are radical Islamic terror groups who established an Islamic caliphate in the heart of Middle East seventeen months ago.

Their goal is to conquer the world, convert everyone to Islam and if they refuse, to behead them.

We missed a great opportunity to completely destroy these terrorists before they had an opportunity to expand and grow.

In May of 2014 approximately 10,000 of these terrorists gathered at a point on the Iraq Syria border, all clustered together. Our intelligence services reported this to the White House and asked permission to bomb them to oblivion. The request was promptly denied by the president and the savages spread out from there and got up to and exceeding 50,000 fighters.

Since we are on the subject of identifying our enemy, ISIS stands for “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” despite the President’s delusional attempts to call them ISIL which stands for Islamic state in Iraq and Levant.

By calling them ISIL, the President willfully or mistakenly concedes the area known as Levant; Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Cyprus, Lebanon and Turkey to the savages.

Have no doubts at all. These terrorists are no JV team. They are a seasoned varsity team. And they will behead you if they capture you and you do not agree to convert to Islam.

The government conceded today that there are at least 300 active supporters of ISIS in the United States. The Ciara estimated that there are around 1200 terrorist cells all around the country ready to act upon receiving a signal.

To clarify, a cell may be as small as a one man operation or as large as a platoon.

ISIS took over where Al Qaida left off.

They are more vicious, more adaptive and superior in arms and training.

They are using captured equipment and weapons to kill and maim innocent people.

Since they hold territory in Iraq and Syria; they have access to a lot of oil which translates into money.

This oil is transported on tanker trucks to various ports and sold in the free markets.

The money is used to run the Islamic caliphate.

You are going to ask “why don’t we just bomb these tankers on their way to the ports.” We do not blow them up because the president considers these drivers as civilians and as such believes that they should not be killed.

Today, Vladimir Putin announced that the oil being moved in tanker trucks are being sold to Turkey. President of Turkey responded by telling Putin that if this can be proven, he will resign. Within hours, Russian TV had videos of a convoy of tankers carrying oil going through Turkey. Later on, Putin added to his rhetoric by indicating Presidents family benefiting from the sale of this oil. Obviously, Putin is still sour about losing a fighter jet to the Turkish Air Force a week or so ago.

It is now well known that the President personally approves the targets of the air strikes in Iraq and Syria. According to the generals involved in the campaign, and other intelligence sources, 75 percent of the recommended sites are being rejected by the white house because “there will be civilian casualties!”

That is why the airstrikes so far have been completely ineffective.

We have to hit the oil fields but our President is concerned about the environmental damage such an action will cause!

Like I said earlier; you can’t make this up!

ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State, Al Qaida and Boko Haram can be beaten and removed from the areas they are presently occupying if only we get serious about getting rid of them.

But I sincerely doubt that the movement or the ideology that motivates these savages based on their deep convictions to their interpretation or misinterpretation of the Koran can be changed.

I base this conclusion on a number of chapters from the Koran which gives these savages the ideas about killing, burning or beheading people who believe in other religions or not believing at all.

At the present time, before we defeat the radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and around the world; we must make sure that the next President and Commander in Chief we elect to this office understands and defines the enemy clearly and promises to defeat them wherever they are.

Once we have a leader committed to destroying the enemy this can be achieved by some or all of the following actions:

  1. Seal America’s borders immediately. This is a must. Without sealing our borders at every entrance, we will never stop the enemies from coming in.
  2. Define a course of military action which involves a minimum of 1200 sorties a day by the Air Force to pound the enemy and deny them their source of income. For instance, during the 43-day desert storm air campaign against Saddam Hussein’s forces in 1991, coalition fighters and bombers flew 48,224 strike sorties. This translates to roughly 1,100 sorties a day. Twelve years later, the 31-day air campaign that helped free Iraq from Saddam’s government averaged more than 800 offensive sorties a day.

By contrast, over the past two months U.S. Aircraft and a small number of partner forces have conducted 412 total strikes in Iraq and Syria—an average of seven strikes a day. With Islamic state in control of an area approaching 50,000 square miles, it is easy to see why this level of effort has not had much impact on its operations.

  1. Once the air operation succeeds, ground forces composed of local forces under the leadership of American advisors should go in and clean up.
  2. One mistake that should not be repeated under any circumstances would be to have U.S. or any other foreign force to stay behind in nation-building operations. We should have learned our lessons from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military is a fighting force; they do not build nations.


Ladies and gentlemen;

I sincerely hope America is waking up.

I strongly suggest you take the time to study the enemy.

Learn their tactics.

Be aware of your environment.

If you see something, say something.

Don’t be fooled by the bleeding heart media.

In combat operations, commanders always remind the platoon leaders; “if ambushed by the enemy, turn the troops into the ambush. Don’t turn back. Don’t give the enemy a chance to shoot you in the back. If you do, they will kill you.

Thank you and God Bless America.

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