Thursday, October 28, 2021

Award recipients at MIA

By Coastal Breeze News Staff 

Marking the end of its first year, the Marco Island Academy celebrated with its first Athletic and Scholastic awards ceremony. Students, parents, faculty, staff, board members and guests filled the room.

First up was Roger Raymond, Athletic Director for the school. Roger recognized athletes who participated in the school’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, cross country and cheer teams. In addition to each participant receiving a medal, team members who went above and beyond were awarded an Outstanding Team Member trophy. Roger commented on the challenges the athletes faced during their inaugural year and how he looks forward to their future success in coming years.

School principal, George Andreozzi spoke to the audience next. He commended the students and faculty for their perseverance in meeting challenges of the first year. He gave special recognition to the school’s Founder Jane Watt, for her enduring courage and unwavering belief in the Academy. Jane said, “We’ve had an amazing first year! I can’t wait until next year!”

The school held a raffle in which one lucky winner was to receive 25% of the proceeds. It was the largest fundraising event to date, bringing in a total of $20,000.00. During a live broadcast, the winning ticket was pulled naming board member Dianne Wetjen as the winner of $5000.00. Dianne thanked Jane Watt and Dawn Vergo and in an instant, gave the winnings back to the school.

Following the students ceremony, teachers and staff enjoyed an informal lunch together in one of the classrooms. A contingent from the Chamber of Commerce consisting of the President, Kevin Donlan, Executive Director Sandi Reidemann and Donna Niemczyk were on hand to name the Teacher of the Year and Staff Member of the Year. Kirby Rients, teacher, and Denise Barreto, staff member, were named and given awards as chosen by the student body.

A partial list of athletic and academic award winners is below.


Outstanding Team Members: 

Boys Basketball: Preston Reese

Girls Basketball: Victoria Vale, Brianna Minus.

Girls Volleyball: Jessica Ragan, Jessica Simon

Boys Cross Country: Peter Servente

Girls Cross Country: Victoria Vale

Cheer Team: Kiera Ludwigsen

Baseball: Gabriel Gonzales

Manta Ray Athlete of the Year: Peter Servente


• Student of the Year: Mayra Ortega

• Service to the School: Jacob Hurtley, Heather Francis

• World History Honors Top Students: Annmarie Grossi, Arissa Gratkowski, Jessica Simon

• World History Honors Most Improved: Oscar Alvarez

• World History Top Student: Krystal Gonzalez

• World History Most Improved: Gabe Gonzalez, Ezequiel Loredo

• American History and American History Honors Top Student: Heather Francis, Rosie Gates

• American History and American History Honors Most Improved: Vance Johnson, Kiera Ludwigsen

• H.O.P.E. Top Students: Victoria Vale, Kevin Hennings

H.O.P.E. Most Improved: Jackie Selk

• Algebra II Honors: Mayra Ortega, Romina Gimenez

• Geometry: John Olszak, Jackie Selk

• Geomerty Honors: Arissa Gratkowski, Heather Francis

• Algebra I Honors: Mariel Sanchez, Brianna Minus

• Algebra I: Alyssia Stolinas, Cam Alcorn

• Intensive Math: Krysatl Gonzalez, Natalie Trevino

• Liberal Arts Math: Dylan Rogers, Armando Frias, Annmarie Grossi

• Biology Honors: Armando Frias, Fermin Mendoza, Peter Sevente, Heather Francis, Romina Gimenez-Rosano

• Biology: Jessica Ragan

• Music Top Students: Zack Peeples, Cam Alcorn

• Music Most Improved: Brianna Minus, Rosie Gates

• Spanish I Top Students: Arissa Gratkowski, Livia Lenhoff

• Spanish Most Improved: Anna Howard

• Spanish II Top Students: Jessica Ragan, Peter Servente

• Most Improved: Joe D’Angelo

• Spanish III: Alex Excell

• World Literature: Dylan Rogers, Monica Shaw

• Most Improved: Joe D’Angelo, Kurt Endres

• American History: Rosalie Gates

• Chemistry/Chemistry Honors: Rosalie Gates

• Outstanding Grades: Julia Ruwe, Arissa Gratkowski

• Earth Science Most Improved: Nina Fyodorov

• Outstanding Grades: Krystal Gonzales, Jessica Simon

• Computer Graphics: Diamonqiue Wood

• Most Improved: Jackie Selk

• English II: Vance Johnson, Johnathan Olszak

• Most Improved: Kiera Lugwigsen

• English II Honors: Fermin Mendoza- Jaurequi, Dylan Rogers

• Most Improved: Joshua Rasimowicz

• Art 2D/3D: Joseph D’Angelo, Monica Shaw, Rosie Gates, Krystal Gonzalez

• Most Improved: Benjamin Batcher, Joshua Rasimowicz

• Drawing/Painting: Heather Francis, Mayra Ortega

• Most Improved: Nina Fyodorov

• English I: Victoria Vale, Kevin Hennings

• Multi-Media: Jacob Hurtley

• English II Honors: Arissa Gratzkowski, Heather Francis

• Contemporary Literature: Julia Ruwe, John Olzack

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