Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Auxiliary Fashion Show/Fundraiser Salutes the Roaring Twenties

Photos by Quentin Roux | A little Charleston dancing amuses everyone.

Line up of the models before they started the show.

It was a celebration of the Roaring Twenties, when houses at the time ran around $6,000personal income was about $2,000 a year, and new cars set buyers back a mere $500. 

The 20s theme was chosen for the annual luncheon, silent auction and fashion show staged by the NCH Marco Healthcare Auxiliary, and many of the attendees dressed in the jaunty fashions of the day. 

The actual fashion showpresented by PatchingtonOMG – That’s Chic and Sandpiper Clothiersfeatured more modern outfits and a few that were timeless, courtesy of models Cathy Levert, Susan Setter, Amanda Smith, Savannah Smith, Kaitlen Kruse Magdalener and Joan Piderherny. 

Board President Sandy Monson welcomed the attendeesconsisting of Auxiliary volunteers and friendsby reiterating that money raised by the get-together would as usual benefit the Marco Healthcare Center to help buy equipment that in turn “enhances patient care and satisfaction as well as provides medical scholarships.” 

Pictured is some of the fun that went down for an ultimately generous and valuable cause. 

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