Monday, December 6, 2021

Author Rick Chiantaretto

Author Rick Chiantaretto’s novel Death of the body was recently featured in Tampa and Orlando Style Magazines on pages 61-64. Check out the article at

With Halloween around the corner, many readers are looking for just the right book to send them shivering under the covers. We wanted to tip you off on some top spooky reads for young adults (and adults who like their creepy reads on the mild side!) from popular and new and up and coming authors. You might have recommendations as well.


Death of the Body by Rick Chiantaretto

Horowitz Horrors by Anthony Horowitz

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

The Forbidden Game by LJ Smith

Covenant by Wade Le Fevre

Through Glass by Rebecca Ethington


These spooky novels would make a great October article on “Top Spooky Reads” or “Creepy Recommendations for your October Book Club”. The Young Adult Library Association’s YALSA Teen Read Week which was organized to encourage teens to read more is also in October. During October 12-18, 2014, the American Library Association will host events for teens nationwide to inspire them to read. Visit to learn more.


The fascination in spooky books spikes during October and The Horror Writers Association gives us an insight as to why. They say that as children, we might be afraid of the shadows looming from a half-closed closet door or of the monster we believe lies under the bed. Terrors of the imagination run wild at that age. As we age however, horror by nature gives us a personal touch — an intrusion into our comfort levels. It speaks of the human condition and forcibly reminds us of how little we actually know and understand. And that’s where many teens are during their teenage years.


Author Rick Chiantaretto will also be at the St. Petersburg Main Library at 3745 9th Ave. North, on Saturday October 18 at 2pm to discuss topics such as “How to Write a Thriller” to “Why We Are Attracted to Spooky Novels” and has inspired teens to write at local Florida schools.


If you would like review copies of author Rick Chiantaretto’s Death of the Body or Rebecca Ethington’s Through Glass, or to interview the authors on why readers are fascinated with creepy reads,  please let me know and I will coordinate any requests. You can reach me at 801 477-7858 or and I will coordinate any requests.


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