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August Fishing Forecast


Bob with a nice redfish. | Photos by Capt. Pete Rapps

August is one of the warmest summer months in Florida and with it, we also see some of the hottest fishing days of the entire year. These higher temperatures usually peak during midday, which also causes an increase in the temperature of the water. During these August days, the water can reach into the very warm eighty-degree levels.

During August, we also see more afternoon showers as we have in previous summer months, and these showers will allow the temperature and the water to cool a bit which makes evening and sunset fishing ideal.

August fishing will bring you a selection of snook that can be found in both the outgoing and incoming tides. Your best chance at catching these fish during this time is using live bait. For example, herring, pilchards, and finger mullet are all good choices when snook fishing.

If you enjoy fishing more on the incoming ride, then trout can be found close to shore or along the outside flats in only three to five-foot water. For bait, it is recommended that you use bucktail jig with shrimp. You can also find immense success using live shrimp under a popping cork.

Next, tarpon in August are also plentiful, and these fish can be found mainly in the outside flats and the deep channel cuts. If you prefer to fish earlier in the morning as the sun makes its appearance, then you will have a good chance at success when trying to catch these fish. Similarly, the early evening hours are also a good time. Tarpon prefers live pilchards, thread herring, and live ladyfish.

Fishing for redfish on the incoming tide around the oyster bars also boasts success. These fish prefer live shrimp or other live bait such as herring and pilchards. However, if you prefer to fish with artificial bait then Berkley’s Gulp! Shrimp in a natural color are also good.

Lou caught this near-shore snook on a Captain Rapps charter.

As you continue your fishing adventures in the Ten Thousand Islands region during the summer months, remember that choosing the perfect time to go fishing is always important and can definitely make or break your fishing trip.

Early morning hours and early evening hours are always the best because the fish will be more active in the cooler water than they are in the water that is reaching upwards of eighty degrees during midday. Also, the afternoon showers always bring a bit of cooler weather as well and these showers should definitely be expected during the month of August in Florida.

Do keep in mind that if you are interested in learning more about fishing in our area, it’s best to hire a professional guide before going out on your own to gain local knowledge of tackle, baits, areas to fish, local regulations, and more. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule an “on the water” educational fishing charter. We specialize in fishing all types of anglers, whether you are experienced or not, come experience an enjoyable and memorable day in the shallow and calm waters here in the 10,000 Islands and the Everglades National Park, Florida.

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