Saturday, October 16, 2021

ATV Safety Course Needed

Commissioner Jim Coletta and Sheriff Kevin Rambosk are teaming up with Naples Motorsports to establish a task force to create a certified youth safety course for ATV users here in Collier County.  The goal for this task force is to create a program for our local youth to have the opportunity to learn safe ATV riding skills, and to provide interested parents with helpful safety information as well.

This action was prompted by the recent death of an 11-year old girl and other recent youth-related accidents in Collier County.  Commissioner Coletta, who has been working with the ATV community for a dedicated ATV riding park commented, “The issue of a dedicated ATV riding park is important, but secondary to the need for a certified training program that will enable our youth to be trained and property equipped to avoid or minimize injuries.  We cannot accept our youth being injured or killed due to lack of training.”

Sean Zola from Naples Motorsports stated, “It has been a number of years since Collier County had a certified ATV training course and I am committed to making the resources of my company available to reach that end.”

“Extensive research is being conducted to reach the goal of offering these safety courses so I encourage you to follow our news releases as we move forward through this process,” stated Commissioner Jim Coletta.

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