Friday, December 3, 2021

Attorney Approves Rental Ordinance Petition


The Committee seeking repeal or referendum on the recently adopted Marco City Rental Ordinance received approval from the City attorney late Friday May 22, 2015.

What’s Next? What is the Petition All About?

The Committee will start circulating petitions this week for signature by registered Marco voters.

The petition seeks to compel Marco City Council to repeal the controversial Rental Ordinance 15-01 adopted then modified by City Council to include house and condominium owners who rent their property for less than a year. If Petition drive is successful and City Council does not repeal the Ordinance, then it must schedule a voter referendum and let the majority of registered voters decide.

Who is the Sponsor of the Petition? Why it matters.

The committee comes from a much larger group of concerned citizens. All strongly believe the Council majority poorly decided in adopting the Ordinance. It creates further extensive, burdensome and unnecessary government regulation contrary to common sense and in spite of existing ordinances which address the problem. Committee members and supporters all live here in houses or condominiums; some are in business, others are not. We all share a strong love of Marco Island, a desire to protect our freedoms and our individual property rights. .

How to Get a Petition for signature?

Readers can request a petition by writing the e mail address below, or sending a postal letter. We expect to have petition available for download via our website later this week.

Some condominium and rental property owners will be able to get petitions from their managers.

Further press releases will follow the progress of our petition initiative, and donations to our Political Action Committee. We ask that you, as an Islander and Voter on Marco, join our efforts.

How to Contact us or Donate to the Cause. Committee in Support of Marco Island Referendum Petition on Ordinance 15-01 By Postal Mail: 661 South Collier Blvd., Marco Island FL 34145. By E Mail:

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