Saturday, January 29, 2022

Attitudes and Words Make a Difference

Anne Shroeder, Shroeder Management Consultants.

The success that drives one of the most popular shops on Marco Island can be found with its volunteers who man its everyday operations. Since 1975, the United Church’s Bargain Basket has been a source of support for the church, its ministries and the community itself.

The life blood of the organization is not found in the merchandise it sells, but in the spirit of volunteerism that is found in those that gladly give of their time to man the registers, check in goods at the backdoor and work the floor keeping the shelves stocked and the aisles clear. Over a 100 individuals, men and women, volunteer their time.

Their organization, however, chooses not to sit on its laurels, but continues to work harder to earn the respect and confidence of the community and those that shop there.

As part of that effort, last weekend approximately 100 volunteers met to learn what they could do better to insure their customers would continue to be happy with their experience when they visit the unique venue on Bald Eagle Drive.

The seminar was given to the volunteers by Anne Schroeder of Schroeder Management Consultants. Her focus was on how to interact with clients, and how providing a clearer message to those we interact with can affect how they hear the message. Her lesson would also include guidance regarding body language and telephone etiquette.

Schroeder emphasized how making a good first impression is a must when dealing with the public. It is important to be aware of what you are doing even when you are not directly dealing with another, and make sure you do not “invade” another’s personal space and make them feel uncomfortable.

Bargain Basket volunteers learn how to improve their customers’ experience.

Your body mannerisms can affect the first impression that you make on a customer. In addition to personal appearance, carrying a sense of confidence and a warm demeanor, and showing a genuine interest in the person you’re dealing with make a positive impression.

Many would find the discussions regarding words and how important they are to be extremely insightful.  Some examples included the following:



I wish we could help you on this;  

Here’s what we can do.

That’s not my job/area Let me find someone who can help.
It’s not my fault. I didn’t do it. We do apologize for your inconvenience.
Can I help you? How can I help you?




Shroeder role played using a number of these examples and you could see the attendees react to the suggestions.

Those who attended the seminar were positive about the experience and reflected on many of the points made by Schroeder.

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