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Artists Visiting Kids Program for 2010

Learning the Art of Raku” will be taught by visiting artist, Annabelle Johnson & Richard Rosen, at the Art League, Marco Island’s Center for the Arts, 1010 Winterberry, Marco Island. The session begins August 31 and runs for 5 weeks, ending on September 28. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (*On September 14 class will be 12:30 p.m. -5:30 p.m.) Pre-registration is required. The program is free to Marco Island resident children and is open to 4th to 8th Grade Students.

Through their collaborative efforts, the Art League, Marco Island’s Center for the Arts and the City of Marco Island Parks and Recreation Department are proud to announce the return of Artists Visiting Kids! This program is designed to encourage students to “learn by doing,” by interpreting their environment in different ways and creating a work of art in the style of the selected visiting artists.

This year’s grant recipient, Annabelle Johnson and Richard Rosen, were selected for the 2010 program by the Marco Island Director of Parks and Recreation, Bryan Milk, and the Art League, Marco Island’s Center for the Arts Interim Executive Director, Linda Henell. Participants of the Artists Visiting Kids! Program will provide students with an opportunity to create ceramic pieces using Raku firing. Raku firing is rapid and exciting; the spontaneous pottery technique produces a variety of unique effects. The program is built to provide 15 students an ongoing exposure through the artistic instruction of potters Annabelle Johnson and Richard Rosen.

The program will run for 5 weeks. Young artists will create a Raku mural showcasing elements of Marco Island’s echo systems. All will actively participate in each step of the design, sketch and making of the mural. The finished mural will be suitable for public display. This recipient of the mural will be chosen by the City of Marco Island and the Art League Marco Island Center for the Arts. In addition to the mural there will be ample time for students to create several individual art works utilizing the studios extruder and slab roller. Students will participate in all aspects of the Raku process.

Annabelle Johnson is a full time artist and year round resident of Collier County, Florida for nearly two decades, Annabelle Johnson is committed to the Arts and ceramics in many arenas. One of her most recent Community Projects in glass mosaics has been with the P.A.C.E. Center for Girls in Immokalee, Florida donated by Isabelle Collier Reed. The glass mosaic adoring the dedicated facility is a masterpiece of Art and community participation that will live for generations. Working with glass mosaics has afforded me fulfillment and pleasure that I enjoy sharing with others. “My work through the years with the girls of P.A.C.E. has helped center me and has made me appreciate the nature and value of giving back.” In addition to receiving a B.S. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Annabelle has participated in many workshops, teachers at the Art League of Marco Island since 2001 and is the current President of the Naples Artcrafters Organization.

Richard Rosen’s artwork combines sculpture and painting and, in the case of wall pieces, woodworking as well. Rosen’s varied life experiences are reflected in this art. His travels, the people he’s met and world events help form the themes in his work. As we are all affected by our environment, Rosen’s hand-built clay and mixed media constructions are affected by his observations. His work evolves intuitively and is inspired by shapes, textures and colors in nature and in man-made forms. For instance, he finds organic and geometric abstract images in clouds, rocks, trees and city skylines. Dreamlike imaginary elements and exotic images also serve as inspiration for Rosen’s work. His desire to challenge shape is enhanced by a passion for color. Rosen wants his art to be stimulating as well as fun for the observer.

Hand-building clay allows him to create in a very natural, tactile way that is both calming and therapeutic. Found objects and free-hand techniques are used to create textures and shapes. After the piece has dried, it is bisque-fired followed by the application of underglazes and glazes, finely ground colored glass, which provide the means to “paint” the clay with color. Then, the piece is fired again using contemporary raku firing methods which add an element of surprise and spontaneity due to the unpredictable reactions of the clay and glazes. These reactions often result in dramatic cracking and brilliant colorful metallic effects which are incorporated into the finished piece. The raku firing process dates back to 16th century Japan when it was used to produce simple, yet refined, bowls for the Zen Buddhist tea ceremony; the raku symbol generally represents the concepts of enjoyment, happiness, pleasure and quiet. Rosen has also participated in many workshops, and also teaches at the Art League of Marco Island.

This program is funded by the City of Marco Island in a continued effort to stimulate public awareness and appreciation of the vitality and importance of the visual arts, beginning with the art of its youth. The grant funds awarded to Ms. Johnson and Mr. Rosen is $4145.

Registration for Artists Visiting Kids! is now available and is on a first come first serve basis. Maximum number of students participating in this program is 15. To register contact the Art League at 239-394-4221. The program is offered free to Marco Island residents. It is limited to children who are entering 4th -8th grade. All participants are expected to complete the entire program. Partial registration is not permitted. Program includes all materials. For more information, call or email:

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