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Artists-and-sponsors---Phyllis-Pransky,-Jim-Johnson,-Lindy-Kowalczyk,-Judy-Hartshorn,-Sandi-Johnson-and-Allie-Ellis-(1)A festive reception was held the evening of January 27th at The Local Color Art Gallery as host to the artists and sponsors of the 9th “Wet Paint Live” fundraiser sponsored by the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce. Opening remarks were made by the Chamber’s executive director Sandi Riedemann who introduced the artists and sponsors.

Wine and champagne greeted the many artists and guests while a fabulously decorated buffet table offered guests a variety southern style food all cooked by Clark Shaw from “secret” family recipes.


This supreme buffet menu included:

Olives imported from Spain and wrapped in cheddar cheese dough.
Dates imported from Syria stuffed with Georgia pecans and wrapped in cheddar cheese dough.

Shells stuffed with chicken salad using chickens from France and California celery.
Deviled eggs made with eggs from France.
Egg salad tea sandwiches made with eggs from France and bread that can



only be bought in Nashville, Tennessee.
Cheese dreams made from a cheese sauce more secret than McDonald’s and bread that can only be bought in Nashville, Tennessee.
Chamber’s-executive-director-Sandi-Riedemann-with-greetings-and-opening-comments-(1)Country ham biscuits made from cured pork on rolls.

Piña Colada Cake served in champagne glasses made from a long lost old southern recipe originating in Nashville, Tennessee.

YUM! And many thanks to Clark Shaw.


There will be about 17 artists this year who will be painting around Marco Island and Goodland on Tuesday, February 16th. Wet canvases will be delivered that evening to Rose Hall Auditorium for auction that evening. Buffet and silent auction of two additional artworks by each artist begins at 5:30pm while the live auction begins at 7pm. Tickets for the event will be for sale at the Chamber, Center for the Arts and from members of the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts or call 239-250-3381.

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