Sunday, October 24, 2021

Art Around Marco Island

Alley Gator and Residence Beach by Karen Swanker. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Alley Gator and Residence Beach by Karen Swanker. SUBMITTED PHOTOS


Next time you’re standing in line at the library to check out a book, or in the bank conducting business, or taking in a theater performance, or visiting the Chamber of Commerce, take time to really look at and enjoy the wonderful pieces of art displayed in these unexpected places. Did you know that you could own the art as well?

Original artwork by a local artist is more than just decoration; it creates a special connection between you and your community.

Local Color at the Library

The Marco Island Public Library and the Marco Island Center for the Arts work cooperatively to provide monthly art exhibits at the library on Heathwood Drive. With the sale of each painting, a percentage of the proceeds go to the Center for the Arts.

Through December, works by artists represented by the Local Color Gallery at the Shops of Olde Marco will be exhibited. Some of the local artists participating include Claire Keery, Lindy Kowalczyk, R. Clark Lindberg, Betty Newman, Donald Sunshine, Joanna Sunshine, Karen Swanker and Melinda Trick.

Island Time at the Chamber

Most of the visitors to the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce office are

Heart by Betty Newman

Heart by Betty Newman

looking for information on where to go, what to do, and what’s happening on the island. It’s easy to pick out those visitors who are still moving at life’s faster pace. But, if you are on “Island Time,” just drop in to say “Hi” to the volunteers that work very hard promoting Marco Island, and take some time to enjoy the original artwork hanging behind their desks. Currently, two paintings by island artist Karen Swanker are there (until…?).

You Can Bank on It

Do you often choose the wrong line at a cashier’s window? One that looks like it might move faster with less people waiting, but then there is the person in front who has that question which holds up everything! If this happens to you, take a breath and take some of that “Island Time” to look around at the artwork showing in Iberia Bank on Bald Eagle Drive. Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager Laura Schneider has been working with the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts (MIFA) to encourage public showing of work by local artists. Breathe in a romantic landscape by Malenda Trick or enjoy

Watercolor of the Smallwood Store byDonald Sunshine

Watercolor of the Smallwood Store byDonald Sunshine

Carolyn Burger’s watercolors. Exciting and unusual encaustic works by Claire Keery are posted by comfy chairs. Everglades’ scenes by JoAnn Sanborn of Sunshine Studio, historical scenes by Alberto Gilespi, and the whimsy of Bruce Somerville, along with the sunny photography of Clark Lindberg, add to the eclectic mix. Peek in the conference room, hallways and offices. Art is everywhere!

It’s Show Time!

Did you know that the Marco Players Theater in Town Center has a gallery? The long, silvery arched hallway that leads to the theater’s seating features a different artist for each of the four main shows. The theme of LOVE is this season’s inspiration for choosing work that will complement the performances. For “The Art of Murder,” (yes, it is love gone wrong), who better to show those cheerful and romantic hearts and colorful abstracts than Betty Newman? Coming up next to exhibit during the romantic “Same Time, Next Year” is Malenda Trick’s wistful and timeless work.

So, support your local artists. As the saying goes, “Earth without ART is just Eh.” If you are a local artist and are interested in showing your work in the places mentioned, email Karen at

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