Saturday, June 25, 2022

Arrest Warrant Issued For Former City Manager Niblock

On Thursday, April 26, the Collier County Sheriff’s office advised that the State Attorney’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Lee Niblock for misdemeanor battery, stemming from an incident taking place on Marco Island.

The warrant follows the Collier County Sheriff’s Office conclusion of their investigation of Dr. Lee Niblock last month, and referral of their report to the Office of the State Attorney, 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida for disposition.

Until recently, Niblock resided at a rental home on Marco Island he had occupied since December of last year, when he began his job as Marco Island’s city manager. On March 19 of this year he was terminated for cause.

The charge of battery is defined under Florida Law as any actual and intentional touching or striking of another person against that person’s will (non-consensual). A first-degree misdemeanor, it carries with it a possible one-year jail sentence and a $1,000 fine.

The complaint against Niblock was brought forward by Ms. Melissa Scott, Marco Island Academy’s principal. In a sworn statement, Ms. Scott set forth the facts of her complaint, which involved Niblock’s unwanted advances following a working dinner. She stated that at dinner Niblock tried to entice her with a position at city hall making $120-140,000 per year, which could lead to the title of Deputy City Manager.

According to her statement, Scott only accepted the dinner invitation after Niblock had cancelled a lunch meeting. While her desires to meet him at the restaurant fell on deaf ears, he insisted on driving her to the restaurant.

Scott alleges that on the ride home Niblock began making advances on her, trying to hold her hand, which she pulled away. According to her statement, Niblock allegedly reached over in an attempt to hug her, and kissed her on the cheek and mouth. Scott immediately fled the vehicle for the safety of her condominium.

Niblock continued to reach out to Scott via text messages. Scott stated that he then began a concerted effort to discredit her personal and professional reputation. Scott only found relief from the unwanted advances and harassment once the complaint of battery against Niblock was filed.

Niblock is facing a similar charge of battery in Alachua County by another woman for an incident that took place in June of 2017 when Niblock was the Alachua County Manager. That case shows similarity to the one here on Marco Island.

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2 responses to “Arrest Warrant Issued For Former City Manager Niblock”

  1. Bob Nace says:

    What I wo7ld like to know is why the Marco Island Council President called the victims m requesting that meet with her to discuss her complaint against he Marco Administrator. He met with the victim and her husband but failed to disclosed to them that he also requested that her accuser Mr Liplock would be present.This meeting has all of the appearances of an organized effort to discourage her from perusing the termination of the Municipal Manager and drop any potential legal suit. Was Mr. Grafoni acting as a municiple attorney or as Council President? Was he trying to kill a lawsuit? Was he obstructing Justice? Certainly he was concerned that he and four other council members hired a serial offender without properly vetting and nvestigating his background. They was no background check performed and Marco’s Council is not experience enough to perform their job.

  2. Mike Sweeney says:

    Get rid of the whole council, starting with Gra-phoney, and start over. Actually, get rid of half of the city employees and start the whole city over again. On second thought, DISSOLVE THE CITY!

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