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Are You REALLY a Marco Old Timer? Conclusion

The winners enjoyed a bit of reminiscing. From left, Roy Bartlett, Craig Woodward (creator of the contest), Tara O’Neill, Roy Radlovacki and Diane Chestnut (not shown).

The winners enjoyed a bit of reminiscing. From left, Roy Bartlett, Craig Woodward (creator of the contest), Tara O’Neill, Roy Radlovacki and Diane Chestnut (not shown).

By Craig Woodward

Time to announce the BIG WINNERS…. Drum roll…… and they are…… (in no particular order): Roy Bartlett, Lou Woessner, Tara O’Neill, Diane Chestnut and Roy Radlovacki!! We gave up trying to select Grand, First, Second, and Third place winners as everyone was coming in so close on scores. So, the major gifts, certificates from Bistro Soleil, The Blue Heron, Café de Marco and DaVinci’s were supplied by Coastal Breeze News and were randomly given out to these winners. Further prizes of Marco Movie tickets, the Chamber’s Marco History Books, etc. were given out to many other winners. In addition, we have many of those who entered receiving “Old Timer Certificates” – actually, too many to list here.

A special note of thanks go to Phil and Vicki Josberger, including Vicki’s 3 pages of notes of her memories mentioning more about Oscar Espejo, the pilot who died in a wreck over the Gulf, accompanied by Tony Cavallo who, unfortunately, was the photographer that day; Vicki’s driving on the Marco beach with the cops nearby to help out,  her recollections of Jim Stackpoole, Roger Everingham, and other Deltona employees and sales people, and the different names of long ago restaurants: Scotsman’s Pub, Jolly Roger, etc. Also to Susie Bartlett who remembered the ever present “Denver Savage,” who was a regular hanging around the 7-11,and revealed his real name as Terrance Sutton, as well as remembering my father, Art Woodward. Dottie Weiner thanked me and said “These are great memories.”

Tara O’Neill wondered if I would include the Driftwood restaurant (how could I miss that? I washed dishes there as a job!), and thought that my question about the old woman waiting outside for her granddaughter all day as perhaps being too esoteric – with a “(“You really floored me with the old blind woman on 951- Jeez ‘em!”) Meanwhile, Paul Tateo wanted to quiz me about how many buildings there were at the Ideal Fish Camp – hey, who is asking the questions here! Those of us, like Paul, who remember the school bus stopping there recall it as less than “ideal;” fortunately for me, I still have photos of it and can count the buildings! Bill and Miff Blair gave me old photos, including the Goodyear blimp moored on the south end of the Island.

I got great submittals of other ideas for additional questions (the 75 questions in the test were totally my creation), from Frada Roseff, who first came to Marco in 1966, remembering when: Piper Club Aircraft would have their conventions at the Marco Beach Hotel and there would be a “Parade of Piper Clubs on Collier Blvd,” the old “pitch and putt course” near the Voyager, Mancuso’s Deli, the movie theater next to the Post Office on Elkcam, when the Concorde flew over the Island during a travel agent’s convention, and the “bales on the beach!”(For those tourists and “newbies” reading this we are not going to tell you what was in those bales!)

Also thanks to the first President of the only bank on Marco in 1970, the First Bank of Marco Island, Al Roepstorff who, along with his wife Dee, sent me a great letter reminiscing about the Island, as they stated, when: “Everyone knew everyone, you could build a fire on the beach, have brunch at the Snook Hole or the Lodge, hop in your boat after church and head out to Coconut Island or Little Marco where you met friends and the kids could swim and visit too.”  An old phrase says it best – those were the days, my friends….

P.S. for those of you (who shall remain nameless) who continued telling me your great point total as the game progressed and never entered (this includes you, Dwayne!) you will just have to wait for the next quiz to come out in 25 years!

Craig Woodward moved to Marco Island in 1968 and has practiced law in Collier County since 1980. Craig is the Chairman of the Collier County Historical and Archeological Preservation Board.

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  1. Preston Pfeiffer says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one of the original tables from the Jolly Rodger restaurant?

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