Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Are You Ready for a Great Tennis Invention?

This new ball machine  makes for an easy workout. SUBMITTED PHOTO

This new ball machine makes for an easy workout. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Doug Browne

I don’t know about you, but I love conveniences. It’s been a long time since I walked through my bank to do a transaction. Heck, I seldom go into a fast food restaurant to do a quick order because I love the drive thru. Walgreens has made their pharmacy so convenient that one may pick up their prescriptions at the drive through window. Awesome!

The new Pick-Up Wall for tennis ball machine enthusiasts may be the most incredible new invention because it is so easy to get the best workout, and there is little to no down time. In other words, one of the biggest drawbacks for renting a ball machine is that the player must take considerable time to pick up their balls after the first batch has run out. Unless the club or facility has a great ball mower, this can be a big hassle.

After once the ball machine has fired out all of the balls in the machine, the player must scurry around the court picking up balls, and perhaps losing the momentum of grooming out their stroke. It is somewhat counterproductive; the determined player has “fixed” their weak overhead smash and is excited to hit more balls, but now must take an extended break to pick up balls.

This amazing Pick Up Wall allows the player or players to have continuous action for an hour or two with no hassles. “Our ball machine court time sales have increased 200 percent,” exclaimed a pro from the east coast of Florida.

Let’s break down the importance of this new ball machine concept. Just last week when I was coaching at a visiting at a club, students had to pick up balls with tennis cones and the archaic ball baskets. So, picking up balls can be rather laborious, and takes too much valuable time away from hitting balls and improving one’s game.

Here’s how this machine works. At the back end of the tennis court, there is a pitch set up to catch the balls, and then it has an attachment to scoop up the balls and send them into either the ball machine or huge basket.

As long as the practice player has energy, the machine will go on and on. This Pick Up Wall is perfect for a doubles team or a league team who wishes to work on the tips from their weekly clinic. Need to work on the overhead smash? No problem, the balls will keep coming as long as the player wishes to go back and strike the tough lob. If the low volley is your Achilles heel, set the machine to hit at the feet and work for minutes or hours to perfect this weakness. Remember, the special pitch at the end of the court will pick up any ball struck to this area. Servers may use their basket and serve an entire basket and continue without having to pick up one single ball!

I have always been concerned about the down time in a tennis session. I’ve been using the ball mower since 1984 so my students will hit more balls in each class. Now, the Pick Up Wall takes it to another level. This new “practice court” allows the students to have non-stop action for the entire period. Students now will take their time-outs for water and a brief towel break, but that’s all. With this new invention, tennis players will have a quality workout or lesson that will be a breakthrough in the industry. If you would like to learn more, please access the web page at


Since 2000, Doug Browne was the Collier County Pro of the Year three times, and has been a USPTA pro in the area for 28 years. Doug was also honored in the International Hall of Fame (Newport, Rhode Island) as Tennis Director during the 2010 summer season. Doug has been writing about tennis for the last 19 years.




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