Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Are you a “Marco Old Timer”?



By Craig Woodward

We want to thank everyone who has submitted their answers to the “Are you a Marco old-timer quiz” by the March 25th deadline. The Coastal Breeze staff is currently reviewing them and will be announcing the winners in our next issue – so be sure to look for that issue. Meanwhile, I know from all of your comments, that many of you enjoyed this tour through the “old days,” recalling memories of Marco’s past that not many current residents know of or have even heard of. The work that went into compiling the questions and the photos was well worth the effort when I heard people saying that they sat around with old friends and reminisced as they went through the questions.

I heard from Islanders (who were born here in the 1980s) that they were disappointed in their scores – well, being born here does not alone qualify one as a “Marco Old Timer,” especially if you are still in your twenties! It is really impossible for anyone to score 100% (and highly suspect if they do) as the questions range from events in the 1930s to the 1990s and not everyone could remember or have the same experiences. For those of you who thought I might be the only one to get 100% correct – you are wrong- I did not even come close.

We have great prizes by superb restaurants such as The Blue Heron, Bistro Soleil, Cafe de Marco and DaVinci’s, as well as additional prizes from Coastal Breeze News. Not everyone who enters will win, of course, and it is a challenge to sort through and figure out who should get Authentic Old Timer Certificates. Best of luck and thanks for participating!

Craig Woodward moved to Marco Island in 1968 and has practiced law in Collier County since 1980. Craig is the Chairman of the Collier County Historical and Archeological Preservation Board.


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