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Are you a “Marco Old Timer”?



By Craig Woodward

Hope you did well on Part One! Now take Part Two to pick up points to find out if you are really an “Authentic Old Timer” or just a “Wannabe.” Remember you take the test at your own risk, understanding that it might bring back a flood of nostalgia. If you are Newbie, please take the Quiz to learn more, someday you may be anointed as an “Authentic Old Timer.”

(See Part One at Coastalbreezenews. com – under Coastal History)


Grade yourself 1 point for YES on an “Old Timer” question and an additional 1 point for a second YES if there is an added question for “a Really Old Timer.” You can either get a 1 point for half of a question or a maximum of 2 points for each question – if you answer the “really Old Timer” part of the question you always receive 2 points. Obviously a NO to both parts is 0 points. If a question has an “OR” then you get 1 total point if you can answer either part, if it says “AND” you need to answer both parts to get the 1 point.

Going to the library will not help you – you must either say YES or NO based upon your own experiences. Everyone has to take the test separately – no joint help allowed. Self grading is required. Honesty is a must.

There are 75 questions published in three parts – some are worth 1 point, others a possible 2 points. 25 questions were published in the first issue and 25 more



in the next issue so please wait until you have taken the full test before submitting your total score. The questions are randomly placed and a few have to do with Naples.

A deadline for submittal of all answers, along with the Official Answer Form will be provided after publication of Part Three. Gifts for Grand, First Place, Second Place and Third Place Prizes will be given out to the top winners, with Old Timer Certificates to all of those who qualify.


26. Attended weekend afternoon parties rafting up boats at Coconut Island; a really Old Timer if you remember when Coconut Island didn’t exist before Hurricane Donna. (Two points possible) ______

27. Walked along the top of the seawall at Tradewinds or Admiralty House before the beach was re-nourished; a really Old Timer if you forded the current as you walked north along the beach to get thru the pass where Clam Bay exited into the Gulf. (Two points possible) ______

28. Went to see a movie at the drive in theater on U.S. 41 near Immokalee Road and a really Old Timer if you saw a movie at the Quonset Hut Theater next door to the Beach Store on 3rd Street in Naples. (Two points possible) ______

29. Ate at O’Sheas Restaurant looking over the Marco River; a really Old Timer if you ate at Sheas and looked down a canal in Goodland. (Two points possible) ______

30. Remember seeing the old blind woman who sat along the road under an umbrella at S.R. 951 and



Shell Island road 7:30 – 4, M-F waiting for her small grandchild to get off the school bus. (One point possible) ______

31. Visited the “Grants” department store in Naples; you are a really Old Timer if you remember when Naples had no real stores and you had to drive to Ft. Myers or Miami to get supplies. (Two points possible) ______

32. Lived in a house built by Rutenberg, or a Michigan Home; a really Old Timer if you lived in a “Mackle Built House” designed by Herb Savage. (Two points possible) ______

33. Ate at the beach shack (the old wooden building) where Residence Beach is now and remember when they were forced to close operations after their restrooms burned down. (One point possible) ______

34. Took the Deltona Tiki boat, “The Marco Islander,” for a promotional tour of the Island. (One point possible) ______

35. Saw the destruction of “The Pines” area of Marco after Hurricane Andrew; a really Old Timer if you remember how the Post Office in Goodland was destroyed after Hurricane Donna. (Two points possible) ______

36. Ate at the Snook Inn when it was called the Snook Hole; a really Old Timer if you remember before it was built and there were only piles of clam shells there from the old Doxsee Clam Factory. (Two points possible) ______

37. Remember December 1968 when all the news was that Robert’s, one of the Mackle Brothers, daughter Barbara had been kidnapped. (One point possible) ______

38. Drank



at the bar known as the “The Islander” located where Marco Office Supply is now; a really Old Timer if you ate in the same place when Deltona’s restaurant, also called “The Islander,” was in operation. (Two points possible) ______

39. Used the telephone when Marco was “EXchange” and one only had to dial 5 phone numbers to make a local call. (One point possible) ______

40. Got a haircut next to old 7-11 (now the bar area of Kretch’s); and a real Old Timer if you had your hair cut by Mr. Howard in Old Marco. (Two points possible) ______

41. Saw the 1971 movie “The French Connection” and heard the TV ad in the bar scene promoting Marco Island. (One point possible) ______

42. Purchased your first property on Marco from a Deltona salesman and made payments on an Installment Sales Contract; you are a real Old Timer if you purchased property in the Highlands from Virginia Kingsford or in Old Marco from Jonnie Gantt. (Two points possible) ______

43. Have eaten jewfish; you are a real Old Timer if you have eaten curlew a/k/a Chokoloskee Chicken. (Two points possible) ______

44. Drove SR 951 when it was still two lane road and the DOT had piled millions of tons of fill on the future lanes to weigh down the subgrade saving the cost of “demuck and removal” of mangrove peat and bogs; a really Old Timer if you stopped and purchased something at Del’s when it was located on the west side of 951 near Manatee Road. (Two points possible) ______

  [/caption] alt=”” width=”237″ height=”300″ />45. Ate at the Piccadilly Pub on 5th Ave and checked out the items at Kepp’s Men Shop or at the sporting goods store nearby or stopped at the Bank of Naples. (One point possible) ______

46. Remember when the Marco Island cemetery was totally overgrown and the sad night the two young girls died there. (One point possible ______

47. Remember seeing the Goodyear Blimp over the Island. (One point possible) ______

48. Flew Marco Airways into the airstrip north of San Marco Rd with the terminal near South Seas Ct.; you are a real Old Timer if you landed on the airstrip made on the old road to the Tracking Station across from the Voyager. (Two points possible) ______

49. Remember the day when Oscar was killed in a plane accident over the Gulf of Mexico and know that Oscar was a local pilot who allegedly flew his plane, wings vertical, under the main span of the Marco Bridge. (One point possible) ______

50. Saw the ill fated Gulfside Condominium building standing uncompleted like a shell for over a year on South Collier Blvd. before the Radisson was constructed. (One point possible) ______

Total Score Part 2: ______

Remember hold on to your questions and answers and be sure to complete Part Three in our next issue of Coastal Breeze News. All Quiz Sections will also be found on line at Coastalbreezenews. com. Good luck!

Craig Woodward moved to Marco Island in 1968 and has practiced law in Collier County since 1980. Craig is the Chairman of the Collier County Historical and Archeological Preservation Board.

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