Sunday, January 29, 2023

Appreciating Christmas Afterglow

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Okay, the tree is down, the ornaments are put away, and sweaters to be returned for a larger size or different style are set aside. Whew! Travel, dinners, socializing, catch-ups, weight gain, gift-giving, and sore facial muscles from all the smiling. It’s done—for this year.

In retrospect, the most meaningful activities were centered on the collective happiness of gatherings with family and friends. Indeed, moments to treasure.

The season continues with a brand-new year coming up. A new start and a new you. Drop six pounds, as Marie says, “Goodbye belly fat.” Exercise, maybe join a gym, write a budget, beef-up the 401k plan, quit smoking, and just get healthier. A banner year is forthcoming. Sure, you can do all of this and more.

A new beginning offers an opportunity for commitment to great ideas. Of course, how many will be realized remains to be seen. For example, one of the most frequently mentioned New Year’s resolutions involves improving physical fitness, which many times is attempted through enrolling in gym fitness programs. Yet, according to research by, most people forfeit gym memberships. About 5.1 million American adults lose approximately 1.8 billion dollars each year on wasted memberships. Certainly, a good New Year’s resolution, but for many a bad outcome. 

Of course, physical fitness is a critical ingredient to overall well-being. Financial fitness is another component required to reach true prosperity. Let’s consider a few points that are compelling factors that contribute to the realization of financial independence.

A Few Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Financial Success

  • Write and use a budget.
  • Get rid of recurring expenses wherever possible.
  • Meet with a qualified financial advisor and review your portfolio for appropriate diversification.
  • Be certain to take full advantage of employer-offered matching retirement fund contributions.
  • Always live below your means.
  • Forget about keeping up with the Joneses.

So yes, people may consider a litany of choices for lifestyle improvements, select the most appropriate and sincere plan to follow through with implementation. Commitment is the key to success of goal achievement and, as with any plan, commitment requires strong self-discipline.

Einstein is frequently quoted in regards to behavioral change, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” In all likelihood, behavioral change will be required to achieve true prosperity. Keep the afterglow of the season going throughout the year and remember that determination and commitment to goals matters as does sensible adaptability to changing circumstances.

Carry the joyfulness of the season well into the New Year, make constructive commitments, and follow through with your best plans. And always appreciate your blessings of all that truly matters.

Have a joyful and outstanding New Year!

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