Thursday, January 27, 2022

Annual Food Drive



Dear Editor,

CURVES of Marco Island ran their annual food drive the whole month of March. With the generosity of so many donors from our membership and the community, it was a huge success. I designated the charity Bedtime Bundles to be the recipient of the food collected.

On Saturday morning, April 3rd, a caravan of volunteers set out to deliver the food. We all followed Karen Saeks, head of Bedtime Bundles, to the homes of the migrant families. They received us with big smiles and delight (and some happy tears) at the sight of 150 shopping bags of groceries.

A “Big Thank You” to all who donated food, money, or time. Your generosity is a blessing to those in need. A special thanks to staff member, Kathy Miracco, who was instrumental in organizing this labor of love to fruition.

Deborah Spalvins, owner of Curves

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