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Annual Florida Gopher Tortoise Day

On Friday, April 10th, 2020 at Koreshan State Park, we will celebrate Florida’s Annual Gopher Tortoise Day. You can help celebrate Florida’s only native tortoise by discovering more about these magnificent creatures and what you can do to help ensure their conservation throughout Florida and in your own backyard. The goal of Gopher Tortoise Day at Koreshan State Park is to increase awareness and appreciation for these longlived, gentle reptiles through educational programming, informative handouts, and walks that allow observation of these amazing tortoises throughout the park. 

The Gopher Tortoise Talk & Walk will be led by Florida Master Naturalist Dr. Pamela Jones-Morton. Starting at 10 AM with The Life and Times of Gopher Tortoises, followed by Kyle Brown, Gopher Tortoise Conservation Biologist-Southwest Region Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Kyle will share FWC information on conservation and regulations regarding gopher tortoises and their habitat. 

Best of all, Kyle will be setting up a camera for observation inside of a Gopher Tortoise Burrow! As the attendees walk through the park focusing on identifying burrows (active and inactive) the route for burrow observation will pass by the FWC camera for a peek into the secret world of the Florida Gopher Tortoise.  

Gopher Tortoises are increasingly active now through May, leaving their underground burrows in search of spring greenery to eat and, in many cases, a mate.  

Dr. Pamela Jones-Morton has been volunteering for the Florida Park Service for over 16 years and has donated more than 11,600 hours of her time to the Florida Park Service. She is passionate about spreading the word of conservation and helping others discover more about the plants and wildlife common in Southwest Florida.  

Come join the Annual Florida Gopher Tortoise Day at Koreshan State Park and experience something fun and informative! See you there! 

Gopher Tortoise Day will take place on April 10th, 10 AM – 12:30 PM at this address: 

Koreshan State Park
3800 Corkscrew Road
Estero, FL 33928 

FEES: Free with Park Admission 

For additional information please contact the Ranger Station 239992-0311. 

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