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Annual Beach Passes Available to Residents At MICA

Photos by Steve Stefanides

The Marco Island Civic Association (MICA) was established in 1973 and is the oldest and largest civic organization on Marco Island. As such, it has continued to be an advocate for civic improvement and the betterment of the island for its citizens. 

When Deltona Corporation was wrapping up its involvement on Marco Island in the 1980s, it placed the Marco Island Residents Beach and established Deed Restrictions governing the development of the island, under the control and operation of the Marco Island Civic Association (MICA) for the enjoyment and protection of Marco Island residents. It has remained that way since the Mackle Brothers finalized their operations on the island. 

During the recent outbreak of COVID-19 throughout the nation and here in Florida, the board of MICA took steps early on to protect residents. They initially shut down the Residents’ Beach parking facilities at the outset of the pandemicand then gradually reopened when it became prudent. They also suspended short-term rental passes. 

In the last month, as Residents Beach Pass permits came up for renewal, they announced nonrenewal of short-term rental passes, but continued to offer pass for annual rentals (those renting for a minimum of 12 months).

Residents here on the island and members of the Residents’ Beach Association continue to be able to purchase one-week passes for their guests who are in town visiting, without requiring the member to have to accompany their guests to the beach. 

Access to Marco Island beaches still is available without MICA permits at several locations: Tigertail’s County Beach at the end of Hernando Drive, the Collier County South Beach access point and parking facilities near Sarazen Park, the Turtle Lot on South Collier Boulevard with its public beach access point near Winterberry Drive, and the other public beach access point near Maple Avenue, north of the Madeira Condominiums. 

Over the years, MICA has made numerous improvements to the main Residents Beach Association facilities, as they have sought to improve the experience for residents of the island. They have added additional chickee huts along the beach, improved the bathhouse and shower facilities, and the boardwalk leading to the beach, improved picnicking areas and shade offerings, as well as enhancing the beautiful Paradise Grill and public seating areas. They also have been deeded a South Beach Access point and parking at the intersection of Swallow Drive and South Collier Boulevard adjacent to the Collier County South Beach Access. 

Residents requiring a renewal of their annual beach pass may do so from the comfort of their homes by visiting the MICA website at Or they may visit the MICA offices located above the Mutual of Omaha Bank at 1770 San Marco Road on Marco Island. 


7 responses to “Annual Beach Passes Available to Residents At MICA”

  1. Connie Barry says:

    Why has the Coastal Breeze not investigated the impact of the MICA decision not to sell beach passes to seasonal winter renters? Many renters are cancelling their reservations. Property values near the Residents Beach entrance will plummet as people don’t want to rent there anymore. Less visitors will continue to negatively impact businesses on the island. Property tax values and thus income will fall. This seemingly small decision will have a big ripple effect on the economy of Marco Island.

    • Barbara Potvin says:

      As a 10 yr Realtor, I couldn’t agree more. I have already spoken with several people who have come to Marco, for several months, for many years. They have paid an annual fee for the use of Residents Beach during their stay here on Marco. Many of these people have been considering buying a property in Marco sometime in the future. Several of these potential homebuyers are now reconsidering their options and are looking to go somewhere else this year. That’s a huge loss for our community. These people have consistently come here, paid top dollar rental fees to home and condo owners. They often eat out at our restaurants and support our local businesses by buying clothing, gifts groceries and so much more.

      People who are against these renters buying annual Residents Beach passes are being very short-sighted. They only think of themselves and how the parking won’t be as crowded. They don’t think about how local businesses will suffer and home prices will drop. Off season is the time when renters are not here. But during season is the time where businesses thrive and make up the bulk of their money and profit. If you take that away, you will see many businesses close their doors.

      I think it makes more sense to continue allowing multiple monthly renters (snowbirds)to pay the annual fee. So they will keep coming to our lovely shores. Guests passes shouldn’t be necessary, because if they are your guests, they can come with someone with an annual pass. Take those guest passes away and you take away the abuse of the passes perpetuated by short term renters(under a month).

  2. DANIEL J JORDAN says:

    My wife and I have been renting on Marco Island for over 30 years, and have always supported MICA by getting a nonresident beach pass. Staying at Beach View directly across the street, and utilizing the beach and restaurant throughout the years has been very convenient. We have developed many friendships with the beach goers and beach complex staff. We, like other renters, have contributed substantially to your MICA revenue. Your restaurant will substantially feel the effects of of nonresident participation.
    Unfortunately, we paid a substantial amount of our non-refundable rental fee(before learning about this edict), so that we will return this year, probably for the last time. For what it’s worth, we feel that your decision is very short sighted, and will affect the reputation and good will of the Marco island experience

  3. Mary Heck says:

    I am a property owner and 6 month resident of Marco Island. I think that it s terrible that beach passes will not be given to short term winter renters for residents beach. Resident s beach is a large area and never overcrowded, If Covid is a consideration, why would anyone think that short terms renters are more apt to spread cases anymore than 12 month renters or property owners.

    I think your decision is short sighted and will impact the island, not only economically but also the good will and happy spirit
    of Marco. It doesn’t make me proud that
    this decision was made.

  4. Peter Coats says:

    We’ve been renting (1-month) on Marco for the past 10 years. Your restriction of only offering annual passes to the residents beach is absurd. One of the primary reasons we come to Marco is to enjoy the Residents Beach. To that end, we’ve been delighted to pay our $140 fee (guess that income for you is no longer appreciated) and buy food and snacks at the Clubhouse. It’s never been a problem with parking -even at peak season. Of course the Beach is never crowded due to it’s immense size. So, what in the world are you basing this decision on? Whatever you hope to gain by this will be more than lost by folks like us who will find new, more accommodating places to vacation.


  5. Sue B says:

    I could not agree more that this policy is hurting businesses and future rentals as well as purchases. I like Marco Island but this policy of not allowing seasonal renters access to Residents beach will hurt the businesses and the future rental prospects. It is extremely difficult to get to the public beaches, no shuttle, no parking, no stopping to drop people off. I get it that the residents may have an issue parking especially on the weekends, but the beach is huge and perhaps have a parking pass requirement on weekends that is only available to residents rather than limit beach access for everyone would be an option

  6. Yvonne schibler says:

    Hi , my husband and I have been coming to Marco for ten years and really love the people , the restaurants and all that beautiful Marco has to offer..It makes us very sad to hear that we can’t buy a beach pass any more..We are an older couple and enjoy sitting under the tiki covers.We think it would be a big mistake to not let us purchase a beach pass.We really hope you change your mind.

    Thank you
    Yvonne and Art Schibler

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