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Those of you who know or remember Ann recognize she is a very active and creative lady. Like the artist Grandma Moses, who began painting during her elder years, Ann Small Niess started to write during her 80’s.

Her first book, Elmwood House, If It Could Speak, What Stories Would It Tell? combined both the history of her childhood home in York Pennsylvania, built in 1835, and her memories of the resident ghostly apparitions she, her family, and subsequent families experienced while living there.

The memory of those mysterious experiences challenged her to write her second book Hidden Secrets of Jacob’s House. Her imagination on why the apparitions are there draws their hidden stories from the house’s very walls, then, weaves them all into a historical novel of betrayal and Civil War devastation; which only love can knit together.

Hidden Secrets of Jacob’s House evolves from the stories her childhood home “would tell…if it could speak”. Based on a two-part true story, the book tells about the builder of the house who, in later in life, became an abolitionist during the turbulent years prior to and during the Civil War. Part I tells of the influences in the making of an abolitionist and Part II relates the results of his dedication which cause the future apparitional disturbances.

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Be sure to read the Synopsis, Ann’s Blog with its interesting pictures of the house and the book’s characters, and the Sample Chapter. Also included is a short author’s biography, and an outline of her first book. These introductions will give you a much wider understanding of how and why she wrote this story.

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