Saturday, October 16, 2021

Ann & Eddie Hall Recognized at Isles of Capri Community Meeting

Rumination from the Rock and Beyond

What? This recognition is for us?

After a wine-tasting, gabbing, sharing of appetizers, and hugs all around, President of the Capri Civic Association, Joyce Beatty, called the meeting to order.

Information was shared about projects, upcoming events (the special and new event for Capri kids including additional fun events after seeing Santa, the boat parade and holiday golf-cart parade – lots of fun on the Isles as usual!) Each year, the fun expands to include more families and unique events.

Joyce commended the volunteers that have kept the newly planted palm trees alive by watering by truck or by hand when there was no rain. After the updates, President Beatty made a surprise announcement and presentation.

Keep in mind that Joyce Beatty is constantly in motion designing new activities for the “Isles Childs” (aka children), and taking traditional events to new levels like the Community Meetings — wine tasting and appetizers!

This night was no exception when she started talking vaguely about some special people that piqued up everyone’s attention. As she talked, she narrowed the scope to two very special residents.

Although it was no surprise to some of us in attendance who felt that recognition for these two was totally justified, including our district’s County Commissioner, Donna Fiala, the announcement and award were a surprise to Ann and Eddie Hall, for all their dedication and diligence on Isles of Capri for decades.

Yes, Ann and Eddie Hall were recognized for their efforts throughout the many years they’ve lived on Capri for putting heart and soul into helping neighbors and promoting the Isles with positivity and that “home-town feeling.”

Commissioner Donna Fiala noted, “I had the pleasure of watching Ann and Eddie Hall greeting everyone after a long summer’s “nap.” She was writing and taking photos when all of a sudden she realized that the president was talking about her and Eddie. It was so cute when the realization hit both of them! There are many wonderful, deserving people on Capri, but Ann and Eddie Hall really stand out because they are always rolling up their sleeves and helping, and loving every minute of it. They seem to dedicate their lives to help neighbors and friends.”

Ann has been writing and compiling information for the Coconuttele for several years. It’s a voluntary, informal communication for the Isles of Capri. Those on the electronic mailing list are treated to community updates, upcoming events and forwarded communications of interest. This is a newsletter that keeps us all connected, and at times, reminded about keeping dogs on leashes and other safety issues. If they attend a presentation off the Isles, Ann will share what they learned.

Ann Hall takes photos of the Isles of Capri community meeting unaware that she and Eddie will be recognized shortly.

Eddie has taken the Bocce League under his wing. He takes care of the Bocce court, organizes the teams’ “play dates” and keeps the scores for the later play-offs. He can be seen observing the good-humored games with a big smile and is always willing to help out. Both are so involved and appreciated.

“Ann and Eddie Hall are an inspiration to me to continuously work hard for our community. Bringing our friends and neighbors together in fun times and hard times to participate in making the Isles of Capri the best place to live,” said Joyce Beatty.

They are an inspiration to all of us. Happy Holidays!

Jory Westberry has been a dedicated educator for over 40 years, the last 14 as Principal of Tommie Barfield Elementary, where she left her heart. Life is rich with things to learn, ponder and enjoy so let’s get on with the journey together!

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