Monday, December 6, 2021

Angelo Biasi

A sold-out crowd listened to Angelo Biasi, founder and CEO of MassiveU, share his entrepreneurial experiences at the inaugural SWFL Founder Talk Thursday, Aug. 13 at Paragon Pavilion Theater in Naples.

More than 120 people gathered as Biasi shared his startup journey of MassiveU, a Naples-based education technology company.

Biasi highlighted seven critical steps common to every startup experience. A critical step that has contributed to MassiveU’s success is a carefully chosen executive team that rounds out the skill sets of the company.

“One person cannot do it all,” Biasi stated, dispelling a common misconception of entrepreneurs. He credited his co-founder, John Gamba, as the right partner at the right time. The partners struggled with a critical decision in the early days: whether MassiveU should pivot from a consumer facing (B2C) company to business facing company (B2B). The business partners decided to target educational publishers, the suppliers of textbooks and learning management platforms that support 21st century learning outcomes. Through this channel, MassiveU aims to fundamentally change how students learn in classrooms. Biasi recognized Dr. Kamela Patton, superintendent of Collier County Public Schools, and Dr. Sandra K. Kauanui, department chair of management and director of The Institute for Entrepreneurship at Florida Gulf Coast University, who both have entrepreneurship courses integrated into their respective cirriculums and were in attendance.

Biasi encouraged entrepreneurs to share their ideas with others. It was the encouragement that he received, first from his wife and later from Timothy Cartwright, chairman of Tamiami Angel Funds, that pushed him into entrepreneurship and launching MassiveU. “The ability to sit and talk with a local angel group committed to investing in Southwest Florida startups was critical for me and is essential to build out Southwest Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Biasi.

Tamiami Angel Funds, an advocate for a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southwest Florida, will hold the next Founder Talk Thursday, Oct. 22 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Paragon Pavilion Theater in Naples. For event and RSVP details, visit

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