Sunday, November 28, 2021

An Open Letter to Our City Council: When Is Enough Enough?

Letter to the Editor

As of Monday, August 3rd, the City Council Website posted 111 Coronavirus cases of those WITH Marco Island addresses. This number does not include those on Marco that are not residents. This number has been going up daily. 

Our local stores are enforcing mask requirements, yet some restaurants are still not. There are those that walk around without wearing a mask. Yes, I know it is not mandated, but please, it is a piece of cloth that helps with stopping the spread of the disease. The beaches are overcrowded with visitors from the East coast as well as renters that feel that they can party here.  

When will you step up to the plate and do something for the people that elected you? How about trying to keep us safe? 



Judy Sacher 

Marco Island 

One response to “An Open Letter to Our City Council: When Is Enough Enough?”

  1. Zully Ruiz says:

    I purchased a single family home, not a motel zoned property. It is unreasonable to think, one buys into A single family neighborhood, zoned for one residence and later find out, that same property for which you paid a large sum of money could be rented like a cheap motel. Weekend rentals in single family zoned areas is wrong.
    Why? Because you get weekend people, who do not care for the most part. For $350+ dollars a day, they feel entitled to disturb, use their vulgar language, block the streets and sidewalks with trucks, music, noise and liquor Which is their fun, without any consideration to the people who live and work here. Not being that enough, Forget the masks, that is why COVID 19 cases have increased substantially. I have asked the council to use the proposed noise ordinance to include the weekend rental problems. Everyone is silent… Not me, This is our paradise, I came here to have the quality of life that and I am willing to accept the law and order required to keep Paradise.

    I hope you realize this weekend trend is dangerous. The east coast and else use this methods of rental to have large paid parties and invite wHoever they want as long as a fee is paid to party. Then they leave….all for pennies to the property owners. This is very dangerous. When you rent one of the houses, There is no control who comes… for a Fee to party.

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