Wednesday, January 19, 2022

An interview with Nate Augustus of The Gladezmen



Nate “GatorheadRed” Augustus, also known as RubeeJaw, is a prolific musician from Marco Island, Florida. Nate has lived on Marco island for nearly all of his life, and has many influences coming from the swampy, backwater ‘hood of southwest Florida. He has spent most of his life on Marco Island and Naples, but has moved around Florida, living in such places as Tallahassee, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

Nate’s life is inspired by his art, and his art is inspired by his life. Living in Florida, his music transcends into an epic opera of the Florida lifestyle that captures the fortunes and trials of the outlaws that lived in the Everglades, by the blow of his harmonica, or the busting of rhyme, and the charismatic style of his slide guitar.

Nate Augustus grew up on Marco Island, living a life like many Marco kids’ lives: going out, hanging with friends and, specifically in Nate’s case, making music. He has been making his own music with his own recording equipment since he was fourteen.

During his youth, Nate attended many of southwest Florida’s grade schools, such as Tommie Barfield Elementary, Naples Christian Academy, Gulf View Middle School, and Lely High School (class of 1996). He also went to Tallahassee Community college, then Florida State, even though he prides himself on being a Gators Fan. Nate graduated from Full Sail University in 2000, with a degree in Music Recording Engineering.

When he was fourteen, he started his first band, Honk. Though the band has dissipated since its inception, he is still in contact with all of his old friends from that era in his life. Since then, he has recorded many of his own albums; creating fast beats, and recording friends of his.

Nate has been recording artists with his state of the art recording equipment since he was in high school. Back then, he did it for free, but now he is interested in making money. In the past, he was recording more music that was to his particular liking, but now he has expanded his interests in recording all kinds of music and artists. He mentions that it is not always the kind of music he likes, but he feels it is important to keep up with the changing tides in music, and the local scene, recording all kinds of music, from Hip-hop to Folk.

Since 2002, Nate’s been running his own studio, and moving the studio around from place to place. He has rented two houses on Marco, and even worked out of a trailer in Golden Gate for a couple of months. He now owns his own beautiful house, where his recording studio is located, with all the new and expensive technology to record artists, and his own music with his band, The Gladezmen.

Nate is a model for all budding music artists and musicians. He and his band, The Gladezmen, are growing in popularity in Florida. More bands and artists are seeking him out to record their music at his home/recording studio. It is only a matter of time before he makes a name for himself around the country, and not just this small island called Marco Island. Check back for my conclusion on the Nate Augustus interviews. We will be discussing his band The Gladezmen, and other artists that he’s worked with.

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