Friday, December 3, 2021

An Important Letter from A Dear Friend

Stepping Stones

Dear Humans:

Please allow me a moment to introduce myself. My name is Mother Nature and I have been a Florida resident since… forever.

First of all, let me express my sincerest sympathy and deepest condolences to all of you as you battle this life-changing virus.

I wish everyone good health as you emerge from this pandemic.

During the last few months just about every human in Florida, and around the world for that matter, was forced to make drastic changes to their lifestyles. You were asked to stay inside or limit your travels in an effort to minimize contact with other members of the human race. This was done to help prevent the spread of the virus mentioned above, and overall, you have done an excellent job of isolation.

Hopefully this virus will be contained soon and allow you to resume your normal daily routines. Adjustments were made and most everyone was able to retrain themselves and do so with dignity. It is something that had to be done. Congratulations.

This is why I am writing to all of you. I’ll repeat that I have been around, well, forever. I have watched this planet go through many changes over millions upon millions of years. Continents have broken apart and new oceans were formed. Animals that you see in your environment today have evolved and adjusted as the Earth changed. Mountains and valleys have formed and beautiful, beautiful beaches, like that of Marco Island, have created a paradise for you humans. There are too many events that have taken place, naturally, for me to mention. Fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes were, and still are, part of my plan to stabilize this planet.

However, things changed several thousand years ago when the human population began to take over the world. I wasn’t fully prepared for what was to come. You see, my plan was on cruise control, naturally progressing the way it should have. I didn’t count on the human ingenuity. While other animals on Earth learned to use the planet to their benefit, the human intellect took this to another level.

Hunter-gatherers became smarter and started cutting down a few trees for shelter. As your population grew, entire forests were removed. Now, this was not part of my plan. Those trees were alive and transmitted important elements necessary for other plants and animals to survive. This sudden and drastic change took me by surprise, and I haven’t been able to adapt to the changes fast enough. Then, towns turned into cities and cities became, well, really big cities. To move around these areas, roads were built. Cars, buses, trains, boats and planes were invented to transport residents. Chemicals were introduced to accelerate the production of animals and vegetables for food sources.

Now, most of this has happened in just a few thousand years. I, Mother Nature, had a plan that took millions upon millions of years to come to fruition. I could not adjust fast enough. So, as an old, tired lady I am now asking for your help.

As mentioned above, I am sorry for the world pandemic that has plagued the human race. This isolation period you are going through could possibly have some merits. It could offer you humans a chance to sit back and contemplate a new future. You have all made adjustments in recent months and found, for the most part, that it wasn’t as difficult as first thought. Changes had to be made and you did it. Some were made more gracefully than others, but the fact is you did what needed to be done to survive. So, what happens tomorrow?

During this “downtime,” have you noticed a change outside your windows? Not just here in Florida, but around the world? Have you seen that water in many areas is cleaner and air quality is much healthier? Have you noticed? I have and I am very, very happy about it!

It makes me giggle to see kangaroos bounding in downtown Australian cities, deer roaming through U.S. cities, fish seen in channels, rivers and canals that were once too dirty to support them. Have you taken a look outside of your confinement to enjoy this?

Well, this is where I ask for your help. It may take a while, but cars will be bustling along highways, planes back in the air, trains and commercial boats back on the waterways. Everything will go back to “normal.” However, suppose you created a “new normal” whereby you are much more conscious about how many trips you make each day in your car, about keeping the forests and waterways just a bit cleaner, about doing anything you can to make this place healthier so that all of you humans can enjoy it.

Won’t you please, please help me? I had a plan and it changed. I am unable to make positive adjustments quickly enough to help you.

I need you! You’ve sacrificed a lot recently and that wasn’t so terrible. With your new mindset, can you please sacrifice just a little more for me… for you?


Mother Nature

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