Saturday, October 23, 2021

An Astronomical View

The following viewing schedule is from the Everglades Astronomical Society. You’re welcome to bring your own telescope, but many club members will allow you to take a peek at the heavens from their equipment.

The viewing location is in the Fakahatchee Strand. Please call or email for further information and directions.

Weather Permitting:

2011 – Starts at Sundown On:

January 1 – 29

February 5 – 26

March 5 – 26

April 2 – 30

May 21 – 28

June 18 – 25

July 2 – 23 – 30

August 20 – 27

September 24

October 22

November 19 – 26

December 17 – 24

1. Important! If you are not club members please contact Mike Usher at (239) 643-6017 or or Charlie at first as we need to know if a new person is coming.

2. Please be aware there are no facilities at the observing site, this is a wilderness area.

3. For their own safety children under 11 are not encouraged to come. This event is also not recommended for people who have trouble standing or walking on uneven surfaces or have trouble seeing in the dark.

4. We have a very strict “no flashlight” rule.

5. This event is very sensitive to weather and may be cancelled suddenly and without notice.

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