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‘’Tigertail Beach’’ in pastels by William Moseley.

‘’Tigertail Beach’’ in pastels by William Moseley.

Tara O’Neill

It was a simple enough question, “what compels a man in his eighties to take on the Herculean task of publishing a book?” William Ward Moseley is retired from a successful and highly regarded career as an architect, he has spent decades in seemingly tireless work as an artist. He and his disarmingly charming wife, Pat, spend these years between lovely homes here and in rural Virginia; homes filled with art and graced with waterside views.

“Well, I thought I had something to say,” explained Moseley in his luxurious Virginia accent,. “I do believe my life has a purpose, and I believe this book is part of that purpose. It has a message, a couple of them, really.”

Both of those messages are of hope. Bill Moseley writes candidly about the role of drinking alcohol in his early life and the day in 1963, when he put the “cork in the bottle and left it there.’’ (An Affair with Art is dedicated to Ronnie S., who was

‘’An Affair With Art’’ by William Ward Moseley is filled with fine art and insight.

‘’An Affair With Art’’ by William Ward Moseley is filled with fine art and insight.

instrumental in helping the author overcome that direction.) He speaks about living with anxiety and depression and how his affair with art helped control, if not exactly conquer, those menaces. He offers hope and encouragement for anyone wanting to turn their life around.

The other message is that life, at any age, can still be full of purpose.

Don’t look for urbane prose …An Affair with Art is filled with stories told in plain-speak, stories from the heart of a humble man, who has accomplished extraordinary things with the help of extraordinary friends – whom he freely credits.

Lest I forget, the book is also a visual splendor, with nearly 100 color plates of stunning pastels, watercolors, and oil paintings that burst with saturated colors not often found in nature: from his earliest works, to his experiences painting with world-renowned artist Wolfe Kahn, and to what he is producing today. It also includes photographs and newspaper reprints charting Moseley’s amazing journey.

Over the years Moseley has been recognized with over

William Ward Moseley in his studio. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

William Ward Moseley in his studio. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

100 awards for his artwork throughout the US. And it’s little wonder, his colorful abstracts and brilliant landscapes are wholly original and masterfully executed.

For more information about William Moseley and An Affair with Art: call 239.417.9141, email, website Or better yet, sign up for the 2012 Artist Studio Tour sponsored by the Friends of Art at the Patty and Jay Baker Museum of Art on March 4 & 5 go to for tickets – visit Bill’s amazing home studio-gallery along with studios of other area notables in the arts.

A last note, Marco Island Center for the Arts is currently in the planning stages of hosting a group book-signing event with artists JoAnn Sanborn, Joel Gewirtz, Bill Moseley, and others. I’ll keep you posted.

Tara O’Neill, a lifelong artist, has been an area resident since 1967. She holds Bachelors’ Degrees in Fine Arts and English from the University of South Florida, and currently has a studio-gallery at the Artist Colony at the Esplanade on Marco Island. Contact her through

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