Wednesday, December 8, 2021

AMIkids Big Cypress



AMi-KidsAMIkids Big Cypress assisted the Naples Habitat for Humanity organization with framing a house. Our young men put their carpentry and general construction skills to the test.

One of our young men used the nail gun to “strap down the truss”. This task allowed us to use the power tools to connect the truss to the outer wall.

As you can see in this picture, getting the straps connected to both the truss and the outer wall can be quite tricky. Our young men were very creative when completing these tasks. This crew was working on the living and laundry rooms of the home.

We had two crews working on different parts of the house. This crew was working on the shed located on the outside



of the living area of the home. Our students really got into the project…as when the 10:00 break time was called our young men wanted to keep working. In fact, one student said, “ I’m right in the middle of this (stud and truss) …can I keep working”?

ami-2After lunch, we got on the roof and nailed the plywood to the truss.

For our students, this was the first time they had ever seen a house under construction. “I can’t believe this is what my house looked like as it was being built”  replied the student on the roof  when asked what he thought about the experience. This opportunity has sparked a lot of interest with our young men as all four want to work again very soon.

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