Monday, January 17, 2022

Adventures with the Lions

On a recent weekend, members of the Marco Lions Club participated in a White Cane Day, which means we sat outside local stores to collect money from shoppers for our many charities, all of which are devoted to the blind and visually handicapped. We thank all of you who helped us out.

Many funny things occur when these days take place. One man approached me and said he just had to contribute to someone who was wearing the green. I happened to have on a green shirt and it was near St. Patrick’s Day, so I thanked him roundly in my best brogue.

A lady came up to me and handed me a ten dollar bill and said she needed change. I told her that I do not see well enough to handle such a thing, so she helped herself to change from my bucket and dropped in her ten. You have to trust people sometimes, right?

Our eldest Lion is Bob Sargeant who is 93 and has been a Lion for more than fifty years. He has won the coveted Melvin Jones Award twice. He was seated at the ATM machine at a local market and a gentleman came up to him for money of his own, and chatted with Bob while he made his withdrawal. He then peeled off five twenty dollar bills and placed them in Bob’s bucket. You just never know what will happen on such a wonderful day.

So as Tiny Tim observed, “God bless us everyone.”

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