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Ad Hoc Committees Formed

Photos by Steve Stefanides

Photos by Steve Stefanides

The Marco Island City Council has established two separate ad-hoc advisory committees to examine issues that have perplexed the city over the last decade or so. The hope of council is that a focused effort will bring about possible solutions to these long time concerns. Ad-Hoc Parking Solutions Committee

At the suggestion of Councilor Charlette Roman a committee has been established to look at parking issues throughout the island. The committee consists of Jason Baily, Robert Cholka, Joseph Oliverio, Amadeo Petricca, and Maria Schilke. Pattie Ziesig was appointed as an alternate member of that committee.

The committee recently met and elected Cholka and Oliverio as chairman and vice chairman, and received a welcome by City Council Chairman Larry Honig. His welcome included a commitment to provide the committee with data as compiled by the city staff, with a reminder that any analysis to be done would have to be completed by individual committee members. He suggested that if the committee needed additional support they could come to council, but hoped that they would be able to complete their tasks themselves.

Councilor Roman also welcomed the new committee and outlined what council would be looking for in regards to a report from them. They would sunset the committee after a report to council at the council meeting on November 6th.

Roman commented that it would be the desire of the council to see the committee accomplish the following:

A three to five year comprehensive parking plan for the island.

Any plan to be considered would include a “phased approach” for accomplishment. Request they look at future needs in addition to immediate needs.

Asked that the report be “solution based.”

Divide the island into districts and focus on district-wide solutions, understanding that certain areas of the island have different issues.

Consider all potential solutions, including public/private partnerships, private solutions, the utilization of parking meters and any other possible solutions that are viable.

The committee met again on May 24. Meetings after that date will be found on the



city’s website at Ad-Hoc Utility Options Committee

A similar committee has been established to look at a wide range of issues concerning the Marco Island Utilities Department. Once again, Council Chairman Honig thanked the five- person committee for stepping up to the challenge of reviewing the operations of the city’s utility department. That committee consists of Heyward Boyce, Rony Joel, David Jones, Bruce Weinstein and Tom Wides. Joel and Wides were elected as chair and vice chair of the committee, respectively.

Honig explained to the committee that any information and data they might need will be provided to them, but that analytical analysis will not be done by city staff, instead individual committee members would have that charge. “You must feel totally free to come before us with any suggestions you might have,” said Honig.

During their initial meeting Chairman Honig went through a series of slides and information, which he has compiled and shown in the past.

Honig reminded the committee it was not within the committee’s charge to either request a “rate-study” or complete one themselves. “Under no circumstances do I want to see the committee spend any time on a rate structure,” said Honig. “Your committee’s charge is to look outside the box; something we don’t do on city council,” concluded Honig.

At least three of the members of this committee have a unique perspective regarding the utility as they are past employees of the city who worked within that department. Rony Joel formerly ran the utility, in addition to being the public works director for the city; Bruce Weinstein and Heyward Boyce were also employees of the utility.

The committee will meet at 9 AM on the second Thursday of each month in council chambers. A final report will be made to the city council at their October 31, 2018 regular meeting. All meetings are open to the public.

More information including videos of meetings, agendas, dates and times can be found on the city’s website at

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