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Active Stretching Program at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness

Tim Magee working with an Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness Client | Submitted Photo

Tom Drummond has been an avid and competitive golfer for more than 30 years. Due to a recent injury, his hip began to stiffen and restrict his range of motion. Tom sought out massage therapy to alleviate the pain and improve his flexibility. However, massage was only able to provide short-term, inconsistent results. Then Tim Magee, Head Trainer at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness, came along and offered to stretch Tom with a new technique he recently learned.

The difference was clear. Tim was able to isolate Tom’s exact area of need and deliver targeted stretches that opened up his hip and enabled a much greater range of motion. Tom was able to return to competitive play, better than ever, and has not gone back for a massage since. In an effort to bring these benefits to their clients, Tom and Tim have developed the Active Stretching Program at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness.

Whether your muscles are tight from the repetitive motions of working in an office, you have a sports-related injury, or just simply have nagging pain, Active Stretching can provide the relief and re-strengthening you need to get you back in action.

The results speak for themselves. Having heard about the Active Stretching Program, Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness member, Debbie Lee, came to see Tim with severe low back pain that had been bothering her for some time. Once Tim diagnosed the nature and severity of Debbie’s pain, he developed a plan of stretches to increase blood flow to that region and create distance between her vertebrae.

After several treatments, Debbie experienced considerable relief that dramatically improved her everyday quality of life. “My back pain has gone from severe to being able to cope again. I can walk, sleep and work with less pain,” Debbie remarked.

The personalized program also equips clients with helpful stretches and activities they can do at home. The objective is to achieve long-term relief of pain and to extend the benefits of their physical stretch in the club as far as possible.

“I also learned from Tim how to get up from my desk and stretch, walk around several times a day,” Debbie commented. “Tim was very concerned with my needs I feel much better and will tell anyone looking for a treatment of any kind of muscle pain to call Tim.”

Judy came to see Tim with hip and back pain. “The pain before I saw Tim was unbearable and at night I could hardly move. After working with Tim for couple of sessions it helped ease my pain. Then Tim went through a home stretching program for me that I could do at night and in the morning,” Judy remarked.

The home exercises also improved Judy’s golf game, and after another four sessions with Tim in the club, she shot the lowest round of her life. Judy states that, “Tim was very upfront and honest about the process and explained all of the stretching very well. I felt very comfortable. I could not be any more excited to be out of pain, and I look forward to keeping up with the stretching.” While Tim is careful not to promise “the lowest golf score of your life” to all his clients, he does firmly believe that Active Stretching will benefit anyone.

“We all carry various structural deficiencies in our bodies that have built up over the years. Active Stretching targets those specific needs, which are unique to everyone, in a way that cannot be done at home. By assisting our clients with physical movements to counterbalance their built-up tension, we can help them to achieve increased balance, mobility, and confidence. Ultimately, it is all about improving your quality of life and getting back to the people and activities you love,” says Tim.

Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness now offers Active Stretching to their fitness members, physical therapy patients, and the general public through affordable and flexible packages. What’s more, Ideal offers a FREE 30-minute introductory stretch to all first-time customers. Come in today and see what stretching can do for you.

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