Sunday, October 24, 2021

Above and beyond the call of duty




C. Scott Campbell

This week, I wish to highlight the extraordinary effort of a specific Surgical Services nurse who relentlessly pursued ways to improve the delivery of exceptional patient-centered care—even during one of the most difficult and tragic patient outcomes: a miscarriage.

Recently, a young woman presented to the Emergency Room at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. The patient was actively miscarrying—a condition which required immediate emergency surgical care.

The pre-admission nurse, Ellen Muratore, became empathetic for the mother and the understandable emotional pain of losing a child. Ellen also realized that the healthcare team could benefit from learning additional techniques for providing an even greater level of bereavement support.

Afterwards, an impassioned Ellen became unwavering in her commitment to learn and share the skills needed to respond to the family grief resulting from the loss of a baby. The burning questions of “how do you react?” and “what do you say in these moments?” fueled Ellen’s desire to improve.

Ellen identified a program entitled Resolve Through Sharing which develops evidence-based skills and techniques needed to provide the best care possible to bereaved families. The Resolve Through Sharing program was founded in 1981 to offer a comprehensive approach to caring for families who lose their baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth. At the time, this program was unique in healthcare. Today, more than 30,000 healthcare professionals have been trained in the RTS approach.

Upon her completion of the program, Ellen was able to introduce key aspects of this training to members of our staff and nursing team.

Furthermore, she arranged for education sessions, seminars, and spiritual services. She also advocated support groups and even arranged for a fertility expert to speak with families about fertility care.

According to Helen McLaughlin, the Director of Surgical Services at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, “Ellen is a true role model of compassion in action. What Ellen did, and continues to do, is demonstrate the true essence of compassion because what she did came from her heart. Ellen identified a need, completed the research, and found a solution to deliver the best care possible for the most difficult of times in a family’s life.”

In the words of Brad Pollins, System Director of Performance Improvement for Physicians Regional Healthcare System, “Ellen Muratore is yet another example of how an individual member of the Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard team has embraced the spirit of our Getting 2 Great cultural transformation effort and made a tremendous difference in the lives of those she works with.”

On behalf of me, Physicians Regional Healthcare System, and the families who will benefit from your exceptional effort, thank you Ellen.

C. Scott Campbell is CEO, Physicians Regional Healthcare System-Collier Boulevard. You may reach him by contacting

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