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A world class game—from the World Cup to Marco

Spain’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, lifts the World Cup trophy after the final match with Netherlands. Submitted

Spain’s goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, lifts the World Cup trophy after the final match with Netherlands. Submitted

International soccer

Well, for the non-soccer fans the World Cup is over. All you have to do is wait another four years (a mixed response, no doubt!) My personal experience over the recent weeks is  that  friends, colleagues and strangers want to talk about the game of soccer (do you mean football?) One great tournament. One great show, Africa the Rainbow Nation.

International soccer games go back a long way. One of the most memorable ones is England v Germany in 1915. The story appeared in the Times newspaper in 1915, headed “The greatest legacy must surely be the message of Hope.”  On Christmas Day, soldiers from both sides of the trenches introduced a truce, starting by singing Christmas songs—the Germans, “Silent Night,” and the Royal Welch, “Good King Wenceslas.” This developed into a spontaneous game of soccer in no-man’s land 100 meters between trenches. To cut a long story short the Germans won 2 – 1. Nothing changes, does it?

Thank you, readers, for your nice supporting comments and The beautiful game article in the last issue by Tarik Ayasun, which brought back to me similar memories—same game, different culture, same dreams.

An estimated viewing audience of more than 700 million watched the final World Cup

German soldiers from World War II.

German soldiers from World War II.

2010 Final game in which Spain won against Netherlands, Spain 1 – Netherlands 0.

Not the most exciting of games due to both teams neutralizing their style of play.

The Local Scene: There has been a number of soccer happenings since the last edition. The 3 v 3 Tournament at Mackle Park on July 10 attracted many teams, both local and off island, with lots of supporters. It was a very well organized event. Well done, Kat. Look forward to the next one.

Marco Island City Soccer Academy is coming! The forming of Marco Island Soccer Traveling Teams to represent the City of Marco with local sponsors has gained momentum, with an agreement between Bonita Storm Soccer Club and Marco City Soccer Academy to work together on their FYSA club License. Tryout will commence through the City Parks and Recreation in July. This is a search for the talent of Marco to form competitive teams and qualify for regional tournaments and State Cup. 3 v 3 games are a good base for players to understand passing coordination; 11 v 11 is a different ball game. Teamwork is essential and it is crucial that each player understands his or her individual and team responsibility. Good positioning play is essential.

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