Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Word of Advice



We recently were contacted by a family who had been red tagged by the City of Marco Island. These folks had been victimized by someone who had portrayed himself as a licensed contractor and who had given them the impression that he had taken care of necessary paperwork (permits, etc.). It turned out he was unlicensed and obviously not an electrician. The City of Marco became aware of the unpermitted work and issued a “Stop Work Order.”

What we found upon checking the job was highly dangerous wiring. Open wire splices had been made in the attic, there were no joint boxes and the culprit had displayed a total disregard for the safety of the family. It was a fire waiting to happen. Now the family faces the expense of rewiring the project to code, as well as whatever fines the City of Marco is going to impose.

The lesson here is simple. You need to be absolutely sure that the person you employ is fully licensed and registered with the county. Wiring is not a joke. Marco Islanders are fortunate as there are a good number of fine electrical contractors on the island. Of course we would prefer you use our company, Rich Jones Electric, however there are other companies like Condee Electric, San Marco Electric and others that will provide excellent service.

Whoever you choose, make sure the job is done to code. Save yourself the heartache and expense of having to pay twice.

Sincerely, Rich Jones
Rich Jones Electric

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