Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Word from the NCH Healthcare System

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Photos by Paul Hiltz | Paul Hiltz.

Hello, Southwest Florida. I hope you are all safe and healthy. 

Well, we have certainly flattened the curve on COVID-19 thanks, in large part, to our amazing healthcare staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of our Southwest Florida community. 

However, there is still a lot we don’t know about this virus, and while many communities across the nation begin to open up their shops, restaurants, and beaches, we are reminded of the many safety precautions we must adhere to. 

We’re about 5 months into this crisis and we’re not in the beginning, nor are we at the end. Instead, we’re at the beginning of the end.  

Our community has done an incredible job of adapting to a new normthings like social distancing, washing their hands and wearing face masks to help the spread of the Coronavirus. This attention to safety is a major reason why things are starting to open, so we must be diligent to continue these practices. 

Speaking of reopening’s, NCH Healthcare System is proud to say that we are up and running at full capacity. In fact, we have been for quite some time now. And I give credit to our amazing staff, physicians, nurses and administrators for implementing such comprehensive and meticulous safety protocols to care and protect our staff who ultimately care for our community. 

Care is at the center of our mission at NCH. Patient care is why we do this jobto ensure that not only patients are healthy, but our community as well. And if the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything, it is that you can never be too careful. That is why we’ve put safety at the core of patient care. 

Patients on Marco Island and the immediate vicinity can safely visit our healthcare facilities to meet with their doctors, undergo elective surgeries, or in the event of an emergency, visit our ER. All departments and staff are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure that our patients are being taken care of safely and effectively. 

Where we’ll be in 6 months, no one knows. While many experts work diligently to find a vaccine for COVID-19, all we can do is band together to keep our community and ourselves safe. 

NCH has been blessed to receive an outpouring of donations from our community. Restaurants have delivered food to our staff and donors have given money to help purchase equipment during these trying times. Every donation, letter, poster, card and prayer has been felt and appreciated by our team.  

The power of the human spirit is truly inspirational, and it is strong in Southwest Florida. Please don’t be afraid to visit us if you need help or feel sick. We are here to serve you and are proud to care for you with safety and compassion. 

Thank you and stay safe. 

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