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A woman on a mission

Home X Decor owner, Xiomara with a client. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Home X Decor owner, Xiomara with a client. Photos by Jeane Brennan

Xiomara Martinez is on a mission. As a home owner and Marco Island resident, Xiomara has realized a niche in the community that has previously been untapped.  With a background of successfully incorporating real estate investment with construction and home staging, Xiomara recently founded Home X Décor. Xiomara describes HomeX Décor as “the only interior and exterior home staging company focusing on abandoned and foreclosed properties on Marco Island.”

Raised in Miami, Xiomara visited Marco Island as a young girl and continued to make day trips for rest, relaxation, and recharging creative energy as an adult. Several years ago, Xiomara searched all of South Florida for investment properties. After an extensive search, she ironically found herself back in Marco and decided to make it her home.  Always appreciating the beauty of the island, Xiomara saw that the economy had affected Marco Island as it had the rest of the nation and realized that she could put her knowledge and expertise to use.

Since Marco Island has been a place she has loved since a young girl, she realized a heartfelt need to do something to help. “I want to help enhance the community I have chosen as my home; I want to make a difference,” she said. With this in mind, Xiomara focused on formulating a plan to assist the owner of the distressed property, the owner being either the bank, corporation, or the out of town homeowner. Since many of these problematic homes have zoning difficulties, Xiomara’s formula for a successful outcome also included being an intermediary between the homeowner and Marco City’s zoning department.

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A home that has a code violation sticker attached.

A home that has a code violation sticker attached.

Wardle, Chief Code Compliance Officer, said this, “Our goal is to get compliance towards resolving code violations and whoever we can deal with to accomplish that is our goal, whether it is the homeowner or a representative of the homeowner.” Wardle continued, “If a representative of the home owner is involved we require, and it is necessary to have, proper documentation.”

Xiomara diligently researched and formulized a concise method in offering services to accomplish turning around a homeowner’s distressed property, and in working with Marco City and specific contractors to resolve code violations.  Not only to avoid code violation fees accumulating, Xiomara stresses that early prevention in remedying problems is the key for an eventual successful sale. The successful sale promotes a win-win situation for all involved: the owner of the home, the visual and financial upgrade of the neighborhood, the tax base towards city coffers, and an overall advancement of the community in general.

Xiomara said, “I hate to see properties go down in value just because they are distressed. Not only is it bad for the owner, it is unfortunate for the neighborhood and for the community overall. By assisting in fixing the violations I hope to increase the property values, and if the properties are listed for sale, I wish to speed up the selling process. I believe we can make positive changes for the better.  Staging homes is my passion. And I will use this passion to help preserve the high beauty and integrity of this island.”

For more information on enhancing property value whether it is a large project or small, contact Xiomara Martinez at or call 786-897-4505.

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