Friday, January 28, 2022

A view from my terrace

View from my terrace of the Cathedral across the river in Montmorillon. Photo by Carole Musgrave

View from my terrace of the Cathedral across the river in Montmorillon. Photo by Carole Musgrave

It is thanks to Internet communication that I write to you from Montmorillon, in the Vienne region of central France. I decided on the spur of the moment to take some time with friends and family in the UK and here in France while Marco is still enjoying the relatively “quieter” time of year, and knowing that I could still do my part in bringing you Coastal Breeze News through the wonders of modern technology!

Actually, it’s the best of both worlds here: I don’t even need an alarm clock, as I am awakened by the chimes of the bells of the cathedral, just across the River Gartempe, through my open window every morning regularly at seven o’clock! One of the great things about travel to other countries is that you have the chance to observe different ways of life. For example, yesterday we strolled the center of this small medieval town as the local folks brought items to sell in a Debal’ Tout street market. We saw cars parked on the sidewalk in front of which wares were displayed on the ground in the street. Most of the “antiques” were actually junk, but it was fun to browse for treasures anyway.

Watching whole families sitting lined up, waiting for a sale, with their packed lunches of baguettes, cheese, and wine, leisurely making a day of it under the hot afternoon sun, made me ponder the laissez faire—live and let live—outlook of the French. I thought about how different cultures promote different values and attitudes. No matter where I am, Coastal Breeze News is always on my mind, and I was reminded that a goal of our local publication is to present our readers with various opinions to stimulate thought and discussion. Each of us brings our own experience and background to bear when forming our opinions. Our contributors, all unique individuals, provide us with interesting information on all sorts of topics. They bring their ideas and points of view on a variety of subjects, some of which we may, or may not agree with. I anticipate that not all of our readers will agree with the opinions expressed in Coastal Breeze News. I strongly urge you to put “pen to paper,” or send us an email, and let us know what you think about what you read in our paper. In addition, I’d really like to hear your point of view on any topic. We would love to publish your letters or articles. Our aim is to present our readers with all points of view and we can only do that if you let us know your perspectives.

A bientôt,

Carole Musgrave

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