Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Tigertail Beach Clean Up at Last

Photos by Allie Delventhal | Vic & Pat Bermeo.

Virginia Lowe and Nicole Bryant.

Accustomed to hosting beach clean-ups four times per year, the Friends of Tigertail had to cancel their events in April because of COVID-19, then again in July due to lightening. The group was therefore thrilled to be able to finally sponsor a clean-up on September 19, as the beach sorely needed attention.  

51 volunteers, including 18 students, fanned out to all areas of the beach, logging many miles as they searched on the sand and throughout vegetation to rid the area of litter. 131 pounds of trash was collected. As usual, many bottles, food wrappers and cigarette butts were found. Fishing items such as line, traps and buoys were uncovered as were a beach umbrella and chairs, and a broken kayak paddle. Unfortunately, several dead fish and birds were seen as well, with the cause of death unknown. When cleaning sessions were able to be held regularly, it was noted that there were decreasing amounts of trash, however, this occasion demonstrated that without the normal cleaning schedule, the beach becomes overly littered. While unsightly for beachgoers, the situation is hazardous for surrounding wildlife. The Friends group greatly appreciates regular beachgoers who take it upon themselves to pack out their own litter and pick up additional trash on their way and the volunteers who repeatedly return to clean-up events, helping to keep the area beautiful for all of us and safer for the fish and birds with whom we coexist. 

The next Tigertail clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, December 5th. Information about all Friends of Tigertail events can be found on their website and Facebook page.

Gina & Richard Lafountain.


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