Saturday, December 4, 2021


Mrs. Michael F. Minozzi, Jr... remembering. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON/COASTAL BREEZE NEWS

Mrs. Michael F. Minozzi, Jr… remembering. PHOTO BY VAL SIMON/COASTAL BREEZE NEWS

I would like to take this moment to thank you, Mike Minozzi, for your passion, vision and persistence in giving the people of Marco Island this beautiful and safe second span to our bridge. I watched you over the years work so diligently, attending meetings and writing reports on why we should have this second span. I would see you sometimes way after midnight sitting at your computer making notes and deciding who to call. You never gave up even when there was adversity at your door step. You knew in your heart that a second span to our bridge was needed. 

Thank you to the City Manager and the Marco Island Council for the beautiful bronze plaque that has been placed on the monument donated by the Minozzi Family. Thank you to our Commissioner Donna Fiala, John Arceri and Bill Trotter in speaking on behalf of their friend, Mike Minozzi. Thank you to my Pastor, Father Tim Navin, for the beautiful prayer that you offered. Special thank you to Mike’s great friend, Joe Granda, for his continued support. 

Finally, thank you to our wonderful Firemen and Policemen who were there helping to keep everyone safe and for displaying our magnificent American flag. 

Well, I guess that’s about it, sweetheart. You would have been proud. I’ll be seeing you,

Your Loving Wife, Lynne 

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